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Michigan vs Vanderbilt Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 NIT Second Round

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Michigan vs Vanderbilt Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 NIT Second Round
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  1. GG, you should've stuck with OSU… Juwan can't coach catshit to stink.

  2. Ridiculous. Michigan should have held the ball and waited for the foul. There was no benefit to breaking a press when you are up multiple scores. A shot clock violation would have been better with a minute left and unnecessary with 19 seconds left. Dickinson also had a clean block that was nowhere close to being a goal-tend.

  3. It’s always great to see big mouth Dickinson and Michigan lose.

  4. Goal tending, what bullshit call. Officials are just as incompetent as in the NCAA tournament.

  5. Dollar General is official sponsor of NCAA Basketball!🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  6. Bahahahahaha😂. Go blue but this is hilarious!

  7. Michigan has 11 top 150 players on its current roster. I believe that is most in the country! Talent is there but the players aren't being coached up!

  8. UM is insulting our intelligence by saying Jett and Kobe have ankle issues. We all know they didn't want to play.
    Other than that, epic meltdown. It almost looked like it was more profitable for Michigan to lose the game, if you know what I mean…

  9. Who doesn’t love to see a michigan choke job? Tune in to the big 10 network at 8pm est to watch their hockey team get their nuts handed to them by Minnesota to complete their day

  10. It took Vanderbilt 39 minutes to find out that Michigan guards can’t handle any pressure. Should have won by 30.

    Tough way to end the season….hope Blue has a good off-season.

  11. Juwan outcoached again and his wrecking crew gave away another one

  12. It WAS goaltending; ball was coming down. Announcer was all wet with his opinion.


  14. If everyone returns, and healthy, we will be a final 4 team next year. Everyone should return, except JB. Hunter and Jett could go to the NBA this year, but will be so much better next year, and probably NBA lottery picks.

  15. I called it from the last game, but this Michigan team really hasn’t been the same since they lost in the sweet 16 last year. Frankie transferred to ASU then the guards can’t handle pressure honestly.

  16. Vanderbilt should have been in the tournament

  17. Michigan played a better team today and poor michigan coaching at the end of the game hurt michig an

  18. When Howard eventually gets fired will his kids loose their scholarships? Just like dad, they're not that good.

  19. Surprised Juwan Howard didn't sucker punch somebody.

  20. I was at this games I've seen probably over 100 games in this gym that win was in my top 3 memorial magic is back baby seen it three times this year vandy is the scariest never die team I've seen in 20 years proving something on the court and we all no y ANCHOR DOWN

  21. Michigan should have declined the bid. This is embarrassing how bad they are coached this year.

  22. Terrence Williams made crucial turn over at lots of game,he ruined michigan basketball this season, pray for his transfer.

  23. Will tschetter and Jace howard no factor.yoyo should have more minutes. Bad coaching whole year.

  24. Michigan loves losing leads and games. Why does this team turn the ball over at crucial times so much?

  25. Gotta love Juwan Coward and the rest of his merry band of morons embarrassing themselves on a basketball court.

  26. Glad everybody got see what I've been seeing the past two seasons. This season we had 4-5 players. Bufkin, Jett Howard, Dickinson, Reed, Mcdaniels.

  27. Go Dores! Sucks that the ensign had some
    Questionable officiating, but I’m thankful Vandy got it done.

    NIT is still pretty good even if it’s not the big dance.

  28. Looks like Dickinson couldn’t “steal a win” this time 💀

  29. Michigan would fuck up a wet dream. Couldn’t close out a close game all season.

  30. Michigan looked like a kids basketball team in the last 8 minutes of the game. They were super sloppy

  31. 51 – 45
    Choke after choke after choke after choke after choke after choke after choke after…….


  32. Big ten grossly overrated year after year after year and Howard's a poor coach a very poor coach!

  33. Michigan lost 6 games in the last minute this year.

  34. #23:33 "over-rated" Wow, UM taking abuse. Getting "NIT" chants at the B1G Tourney.


  36. Michigan fan here n this game was like many during the season …couldn't find a way to end the game once the pressure rose
    Good yr though uncertain about what hunter gone do enter the draft or return
    Same w Bufkin and Howard who I feel should return but u never know nowadays
    Again good season

  37. Dickinson! Seriously. That miss with 1:04 left cost them the game. Last two OT's Losses in the regular season is on him!

  38. I like how that wasn't goaltending but got it anyway and the Michigan player was fouled on the last shit should have had 2 fts to win or tie

  39. Damn, Michigan. You all just gave the game away like someone sent a text that said dinner is ready. Terrible. Smdh.

  40. Bad coaching with 1 all American 2 nba lottery pick michigan didn't dance and nit 2nd exit.howard is a bad coach .should resign for better candidate.

  41. Jett howard leave for nba cost hunter tranfer.coach's son doesn't care michigan basketball that why all the players don't care michigan basketball like hunter transfer.

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