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Michigan vs Illinois Basketball Game Highlights 3 2 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Michigan vs Illinois Basketball Game Highlights 3 2 2023
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  1. Michigan BLEW this. Seven-point lead good grief.

  2. You know its a good game when the highlights are 40 minutes long

  3. Another choke job from Michigan. How many losses does this team have just because Hunter cannot hit FTS late? 3, 4 at least!
    Jett Howard is spoiled, entitled, ball-hogging trash and Id love to kneecap him.

  4. And now UM is officially out of the dance. Tough season.

  5. I’m a senior at Illinois, for years my friends & I watch the Matthew Loves Ball highlight videos after pretty much every game. You’re awesome Matthew, appreciate u

  6. Great game Illinois. You guys have dominated Michigan with juwan. Lol. Though luck loss.

  7. Bro, wtf is going on with concussions or the protocol. This isnt football. How are these guys getting concussed or needing protoss for it. Is there a fightclub going on at the Uof I or something🧐

  8. Once again as a die-hard Duke fan I would like to thank Michigan for taking Joey Baker off our hands LOL

  9. As an illini fan, this one felt reallll good

  10. Wisconsin Arizona state lost. So michigan wii beat Indiana. And double bye at tournament. And one win there and michigan will dance and sweet 16 again.

  11. Great game Illini! and thanks for helping my team claim the title outright!

  12. this was one of the best games i’ve watched all year

  13. If they can do good in the Big Ten tourny, I say maybe a 5 or 6 seed. Perhaps a 7 seed. This team will do better going into the tournament with no expectations. Lets face it, they have choked with the expectations the past 2 years. Will see

  14. Almost how to lose it in OT with Shannon several times, yet then makes up for it. U can not have that..Harris has to be in at Point. Mayer3 was Sterling..n Rodgers makes a big difference in there. Dainja dam tough for awhile at start ..good job..Melendez nice 2 hand..Hawkins is glue..should be no contest if they play thier game. Yes Michigan had walking feet several times not called..hopefully it gers better..1 more win its 2nd place Big 10.

  15. I like this Illinois team going into the Tournament.
    Might be Sweet 16 atleast if they keep playing like a team….
    They have 7 players that can play the role deep team…. Myers, Hawkins, Shannon, harris, rogers and #15 the glue.. the Big man aswell….
    Scary 4 someone Tournament time….

  16. Great Great battle between both teams….
    They both fought hard….
    Great win Illinois 👏 👍 👌 💪….

  17. great time when Illinois sends Michigan to the NIT

  18. 7 point lead with less than 2 minutes left. Smh. Michigan snatches defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

  19. Tough loss. cant lose in overtime up 7 with a 1.30 left. Got to learn how to close out games

  20. Also Hunter Dickinson has to make his free throws. Dang man. SMH. and Joey Baker… lol thats all

  21. Both MSU & UM SHOULD be way better than their record indicates but neither team can close. If MSU would have not folded down the stretch against Gonzaga, Michigan and Iowa they would maybe be as high as a 5 seed. UM would be in the tournament if they closed against Iowa and Illinois. It's tough but can't really blame anyone but themselves.

  22. Announcer must have really wanted some nuggies

  23. So, it's official: Michigan MUST win the B1G Tournament to go dancing.

  24. Once again Juwans boys choke one away late…no way they win the last game down in Indiana. Win the Big Ten tournament or embarrass yourself with a not invited tournament slot…all that talent…coaching?

  25. Great game! I think MI misses on fast break opportunites by the PG waiting for someone else to in bound the ball on EVERY made basket. I played for Michigan HOF coach Mark Keeler who will likely also be the all time winningest coach in the state before he retires. I played varsity for 4 years and was taught that whoever is closest to the ball throws it in, even if it was me the PG and simply get it back or inbound it to another guard but we pushed the ball up on nearly every made basket for a fast break. We could always pull it back but looked for fast break points on every posession. There were times in this game where there was an Illini down and we didn't push it.

  26. Watch out for the dark horse boys in blue if we make tourny! 💪🏽〽️

  27. Dickinson is the softest basketball player in all of college

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