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Michigan vs #15 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 3 5 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Michigan vs #15 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 3 5 2023
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  1. You gotta give Race Thompson credit for hustle! From 14 up to 10 down late second half, Race came up with crucial Rebounds, Steals, with Senior day on the line! Then he gets fouled twice, misses all 4! Bob Knight would of been sick on the sidelines, but Race finds a way to push the Hoosiers to a win with sheer heart and hustle! Race is hilarious to watch! I am going to miss him!

  2. Until he gets a reliable 25ft shot, he's a slower, smaller Ben simmo5

  3. Wolverines are losing due to lack of coaching in crucial moments!

  4. Great job Michigan 🙄🙄🙄
    Can’t hit free throws
    Shoot 3 pointers with 5 seconds left instead of driving and getting the shot or the foul.

  5. Michigan is tournament quality team.lots of good players like Jett hunter kobe doug.but bad coaching.why Joey Baker play only 4 mins. Why tschetter is starting 5 instead of Reed. Starting five should be hunter jett Kobe Doug Reed. Sixth man is Joey.2 NBA lottery pick 1 all American candidate. Shame if Michigan miss big dance with this talent.

  6. Good job Hoosiers coming back in this one. Excited for the rest of March!!

  7. At least UM's suffering has come to an end.

  8. Aah yes…the maize n blue eating that humble pie while doing their best to slip off the bubble. Maybe their only chance now is to run the table in the B10 tourney or darn near.

  9. Thanks Matthew! Go Blue!…albeit brutal to watch this season…that last play was typical of our season…

  10. Looked like the Michigan big man was getting hacked a bit down low during overtime. But all in all, good game.

  11. Great season for UM. Juan didn't even punch anyone this year! Progress!

  12. It's amazing when players who've spent huge portions of their lives playing basketball still can't make free throws.

  13. Looks like no post season for Michigan. Indiana still will not get far in any post season thought.

  14. Race Thompson trying to give Michigan the win 3 times. Not smart enough to pull it back as time is winding down in regulation, and then going 0 – 4 in the last 15 seconds at the free throw line in overtime. This team is just not good enough or smart enough to get out of the first round in the tournament.

  15. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Take that L little sister!!!!

  16. Juwan once again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory…does he even care?

  17. Muck Fichigan!!
    Let's Go Hoooosiers!
    Crimson and Cream.

  18. Hood Shifino needs to stay at Indiana for at least one more year.

  19. Takeaways for IU – Don't let #25 anywhere near the ball when they're fouling at the end of the game.

  20. Michigan vs Rutgers in the 8/9 game of the BTT. Loser of that game is OUT of the big dance. Winner will be on the bubble, but definitely IN the NCAAT with a win over Purdue. Should be fun to watch play out!

  21. Miller hit a 3 in the corner in OT to make it 76, does anyone know why Indiana only had 75 two possesions later?

  22. Starting at 27:28 5 count them FIVE carries in a row.

    This isn't basketball, it's participation rules so average athletes can 'compete'

  23. Dickerson is absolute trash and can't make plays when they matter the most.

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