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Michigan vs #10 Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 1 29 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Michigan vs #10 Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 1 29 2022
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  1. It has been a while since Michigan has played this poorly, that said the entire B1G looks mediocre this year. I don't think any team makes the elite 8 from the B1G.

  2. Very efficient game from max man he just gets better and better by the day, played 36 minutes and only had 1 turnover and 0 fouls 👍.

  3. Thanks for the quick upload! Great game. Sparty on!

  4. Hey Matt, can we get the Iowa State vs Missouri game. I don’t have espn U bc espn is stupid. I would really appreciate it.

  5. Takeaways:
    •MSU shooting carried their offense
    • Diabate is a Swiss Army knife on the defensive end that should get more touches on the offensive end.
    • After halftime Michigan started to trail more and more, they started doing little antics because of frustration.

  6. Hey Matt do you think you can do more womens sports on here? I know you do the basketball ones

  7. Love seeing the court-side scUM fans standing still all game

  8. Man oh man, I have got a bad case of Final Four Fever. What a game !!! State is going to be a tough out in the Tourney, believe you me.

  9. Dickinson. Your game is softer than a wet diaper. You have no defense. You scare no one when they come into the lane. Get some jump soles and go to the gym. You play defense like your scared… it’s pathetic.

    I’m sure your a wonderful person though. Just not a great basketball player

  10. Fire Juwan Howard if we don’t make March maddness

  11. MSU bust a sophisicated nut all over the Wolverines

  12. Howard got outcoached. Michigan clearly has the better players..

  13. Easy dub!!! Juwan a 🤡 can’t do anything with a bunch of scrubs anyways 😂

  14. Little sister’s having a rough year against Sparty

  15. My favorite player came through once again. Malik Hall is turning into a beast. 3 point shots, mid-range, inside post ups, steals on defense, blocked shots. You name it, he was all over this game. He was the best player for the last few games for MSU. He's also hitting 54% from the 3pt line. I can't believe he is coming off the bench, just like Trevion Williams of Syracuse. He's going to be a steal for some lucky team.

  16. If we Can get them to handle the ball better witch Come march Ik they will this team will be a big big threat in the tournament SPARTY ON

  17. "Just like football " Hahahaha! It's funny because it's true.

  18. Team has so much depth, even with Marble and Bingham in foul trouble, Sissoko came in and had great minutes, and Hall and Hauser got after it on the offensive and defensive end.

  19. "I dont have a plan/clue but I trust it"!!
    ~Juan Howard


  21. Congrats to MSU, always respected IZZO! Wolverines are so young and learning. Looking forward to the future. Go Blue!!!

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