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Michigan State vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Michigan State vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023
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  1. Hunter Dickinson is one of the least disciplined defenders I have ever seen

  2. Reed was going OFF!〽️〽️〽️🔵🟡🔵🟡

  3. From a Maise and Blue fan, stay strong brothers and sisters in the Spartan Community.💪

  4. Tough loss. Sometimes you just have to give credit to the team that played better down the stretch.

  5. Heart goes out to those affected in EL🙌🏽❤️ we love to see your basketball and football program dieing these past few years but never innocent students.

  6. from a wolverine fan to the families and friends of the msu faithful, stay strong 🤞🏾

  7. HUNTER DICKERSON will be player of the year

  8. Come on Coach Howard that was disrespectful to run up the score like that !

  9. glad Juwan Howard got the win so he didn't need to punch any opposing coaches in the face.

  10. From a wolverine, we support the MSU families, faculty, students and friends.

  11. We need the two bigs at the same time more often

  12. Hope Kobe comes back next year! All American if he does

  13. Reed played like Creed tonight! Go Blue! 〽️ 〽️ 〽️ 〽️ 〽️

  14. from someone who’s spent years eating totinos pizza rolls, they’re tasty but they will give diarrhea 🤘🏽

  15. 14:00 how was that not a foul on Hauser?
    Michigan ended up losing a game to IOWA on a similar play, yer the stepped on him and.got injured with no call.
    Although Michigan played better D with Howard out

  16. Please support the movement for a Federal Death Penalty for Mass shooters. If there are 3 or more deaths and multiple casualties, the shooter receives the Death Penalty. Its now obvious this is the only deterrent that will work as these shooters depend on cowardly judges and DAs and Blue State legislatures who wont protect their communities,
    Sparty Strong and Go Blue.

  17. Thanks Matt as always. Even though we lost it wasn't as bad as the score suggests we didn't do the little things like rebound and defensive rotation

  18. Reed reminds one of UM All American Center Big Bill Buntin.

    Also, from here on out, if the Michigan coaching staff were wise, they would have twin towers centers Reed and Hunter Dickinson on the court at the same time. UM's interior defense and offensive rebounding vastly improve with both in the game at the same time .

  19. Great defense by Hunter Dickinson and Tischner.

  20. A star is born F/ C Reed is a broad shouldered human moving BRICKHOUSE SKYSCRAPER BUILDING. Nobody going to move that big fellow out of the way.

  21. Yes michigan won but they have had the exact same issues since juwan has taken over as coach. Hit or miss defense and absolutely horrible shot selection.

  22. Big when for the fellas! My heart was not into this game as usual. Stay Strong Spartans!!!

  23. I like how people disrespect Dickinson he’s the best player literally on this team so stop pretending he isn’t

  24. Reed was better than Dickinson on both ends of the floor

  25. Dickinson was super good until he started getting his hair faded and let the hype get to him. We want that hairy backed uncut head Hunter back! He's been declining since he stepped on the scene

  26. Was it me or did we play better without Jett🤷🏿

  27. 5 min left MSU was up 3 and they showed izzo shaking his head and sitting down. It was at that point he knew his team broke down.

  28. MSU @ UM 2/18/23: A game where rivalry is set aside for something bigger for love

  29. This loss is on izzo, I get Kohler and cooper are young and not that great, but at least try to have some size on the floor instead of having no bigs and giving up. He played hoggard way too much and he didn’t show up, he’s in a slump, sissoko is awful rn but that’s nothing new, walker was off, Akins took a long time to wake up, and hauser was gassed. Hall was back to his old self however which was nice to see.

    I can’t be too mad because of what happened last week, it threw everyone off, and they’re human, I can’t imagine how they feel, or how izzo feels. I’m a student at msu and my life has changed forever. Regardless, THIS WAS A MUST WIN GAME, not just because it’s a rivalry, not for the tournament, but to heal the school, and they failed. Idk if msu makes the tournament now, or if izzo stays past this year, I think both of those are a yes, but who knows

  30. 23:05 (Reed foul) "Bufkin”, "nice move man" "Reed", "i didnt do nun bih" 😂😂

  31. My heart goes out to the state of Michigan, Michigan strong

  32. Big state fan here just wanted to say thanks for all the support u gave us it was a good game and congratulations for the win and we will see u next year

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