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Michael Jordan’s Top 60 Career Plays

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In honor of his 60th birthday, take a look as we countdown MJ’s top 60 career plays!

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  1. When the WNBA bitches about their fake 'pay gap'; they should watch this…they ain't got this kinda game

  2. This is when other GOATS crying…

  3. Im gonna get so nuch hate for this, but like… Jordan, as great as he is, and yes hes fuckinr fantastic, i canr help but think Lebron is still my GOAT. None of these playes made my jaw drop like Lebron does. I really wish Michael played in this era, cuz ill die on the hill that he would NEVER get 2 3 peats. In a sense, he got lucky that the skill pool back then just wasnt aw much as these days

  4. Ok I'm a go watch LeBron highlights I'll be back 🏃🏿‍♂️….. Yeah Jordan is the GOAT

  5. no way they say this guy is better than bron lmao these highlights are against plumbers

  6. MJ is not the goat of basketball he's the God. No one could never play ball like this, not even LeBron

  7. Have this bookmarked for if anyone say lebron is better

  8. Can we please stop comparing him to Lebron. Lebron could never…

  9. He was so good he had to challenge himself by making some shots harder than need be lol

  10. The turn around low finger roll in the paint I use to be fye at lol didn’t even know jordan was doing that.

  11. Michael Jordan usually jumps like that and it shows that on the jordan shoes

  12. LeBron and MJ two totally different players because they have two totally different bodies so move in totally different ways totally lol MJ way more agile faster aware just better except without that power because that wasn't his position

    Also the most entertaining 😊❤

  13. He was a PHENOMENAL Athlete
    and WE were lucky enough to be alive to witness his ability during the time that he played the game.
    Michael Jordan is a Living Legend,
    and he was BORN to play Basketball on the World's Stage.

  14. Eh I'm not convinced. Just pass the ball to me Jordan, I'll take us home, all 5'10 of me.

  15. Whenever J attacked the rim with his tongue out defenders quickly realized it was FEEDING TIME.

  16. Anyone in the comments get to watch him live? I think that would be insane! Especially at a time when basketball was the real deal

  17. I’m a Warriors fan and yet I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the real GOAT Michael Jordan! 🏀

  18. The best of Michael jordan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. I watched this very closly. LBJ is the goat.

  20. Mannnn Mike was unstoppable!!! Look at some of those baskets made!!!

  21. Dude palmed a ball in the air being thrown at him with one hand. Crazy asf

  22. Say what you want, but goddamn…his moves down low in the paint were a thing of beauty. It's like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. Masterful.

  23. Lebron James is the GOAT!! People during Jordan times were amazed of his basketball prowess because nobody had the same skillset and athleticism like he had. But, apparently, during these unprecedented time in human history, you can see a lot young players that can do what Michael Jordan could do and thinking that a 39 years old guy can still compete with guys in NBA who are a product of this generation is INSANE!!!! Not only that he can compete, but he's still top 20 in the list!!!

  24. This should put to rest, you know, that other crazy.

  25. Alien Fingers .. the way that BBall sticks to his hand like glue – raaasss

  26. 13:13 my dad was watching the t.v…a colored t.v. mind u…..this was before the dynasty…..when they scored…he had been a Chicago fan since '88 and im gldad he got 2 c it…he always said Michael Jordan is is the best ever!

  27. I would watch the NBA daily if it was still like that, he was so great

  28. Never heard of michael jordan…….i play roblox. Was he goodd

  29. Michael Jordan its the real GOAT 🐐 of teams sports.

  30. He lowkey just Jonathan Kuminga with aura

  31. So i got 2 15 second unskippable ads, then wtched 2 plays and then 2 more 15 second unskippable ads. Youtube is cooked

  32. Ese tipo era un alien osea nadie lo paraba es como si es tuviera solo la defensa para el era una basura 😅

  33. If kyrie or Kd was in this time they would be the goat

  34. Michael Jordan was a man of physics. He seemed to know what angle to take flight so het gets maximum range.

  35. Goddamn these dunks were just somethin else

  36. When he went to China, hundreds of grown ass man lined up for hours just to glimpse at him. hero to untold millions forever!

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