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Michael Jordan’s “Double-Nickel” Game | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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25 years ago today, Michael Jordan dropped 55 points in a classic performance at Madison Square Garden. It was his 5th game back in the NBA after retiring nearly two years earlier.

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  2. It's funny how people try to compare the success or lack of success of this team to the 93-94 team. 4 major pieces were lost that explains why they struggled before MJ's return. The team lost Cartwright, Grant, Scott Williams and Stacy King. You could not logically expect them to maintain anywhere near the same performance.Casuals use this argument to discredit Pippen's performance and leadership. It makes no sense at all.

  3. 25:10 Harper with that step back. We need more full playoff games. Wish they had games on ESPN plus. I would watch games all day. They have classic boxing fights/ufc fights.

  4. I watched C.Oakley whole career he had NO GAME can't shoot can't dribble can't rebound all he did was BULLY players MJ made him look good when he was on the Bulls I can't believe he even went to the NBA HE was so over rated 💯

  5. DUDE NBA 2K22 IS RELEASED SEPT 11 DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Michael Jordan will always be Michael Jordan in my eyes if you know what i mean . But looking at him now through these 2021 eyes. He was not a real team player and he looks less than perfect now the more i watch him . Great iconic player with top notch mystic ……. but just a man

  9. MJ was nasty bro 🤮 just unguardable 🐐

  10. Can anyone explain the foul to me at 5:10 ? If I’m correct they’re saying that as a help defender you couldn’t play the zone in the middle you had to come over and double team a defender hard and quick otherwise it’s considered a foul?

  11. Jordan at his best and he still knows how to win after retiring

  12. Came here to watch the game that made me say YES he is back. 19:32 though, wow. How is that not on Pips all time reel?!

  13. Pat did not have the mindset of Jordan. Period! He could not will his team to win or do whatever he needed to do to get them there.

  14. Yawn – he scored points in a game. Wow sportsball is terrific.

  15. They keep saying something about illegal defense, what wrong with it, could you not double team back then?

  16. I hated when the nba went to the shorter 3 point line. Was a joke

  17. Jordan may not dominate the current league that can actually shoot shots

  18. I usually agree with Hubie & Saeger but they said Starks guards MJ better than anybody. He killed Starks his whole career, he has more 50 point games vs him than almost anybody else.

  19. I usually agree with Hubie & Saeger but they said Starks guards MJ better than anybody. He killed Starks his whole career, he has more 50 point games vs him than almost anybody else.

  20. My dawg dont need to take 3s to drop 50, that 2nd shot alone showed u what this man was all about, potent killer

  21. Jordan would not dominate the same way he dominated in the 90’s in today’s game. Everyone is bigger n wayyyy more talented than the average middle aged man we saw in the 90’s.

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  24. Am i the only one that noticed when Michael was on the court with Steve Kurr and the other 3 white players, the white players didnt score one point!

  25. Ya kno, mj is not even as good as I thought.. he Lowkey like a taller dood wit a fading mid range like Chris Paul or kd… wouldn’t say he better than lebron..🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. What was Pete Myers thinking about arguing with the goat? Now MJ did not want to hi five him

  27. the illegal defense calls are really annoying slows down the pace of the game. im glad they don't call it that much anymore

  28. In the 4th quarter, 90-89: Knicks up by one. And then my man Pippen drains a 3, grabs a defensive rebound, travels down the court and make a beautiful move, lay it up, doesn't complete the 3 points play but still, that's 5 in seconds… Then Armstrong drains another 3 and all of a sudden the Bulls are up by 7, with MJ on the bench where he has been for a good few minutes. Did the Knicks start sweating at that point?

  29. i just noticed how dumb the live chat was lmao

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  31. Hubie's saying MJ hasn't found his legs yet. I'd say he woke up pretty damn quick less than a minute into the game. Everyone knows about their 72 wins in 95-96 but how many remember them finishing off the 94-95 season 11-2 after being barely .500 before he came back?

  32. Please and you tell me that dude Oakley it’s gonna be availed to guard the new nba players 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude can barely run

  33. I remember this game. I will never forget this game. It's THIS game that I use to clown stomp all the Jordan fans who thought the Bulls could've won 8 straight 'ships. It's this game that I point to when Jordan fans like to make the excuse that Jordan wasn't "in shape" during their playoff loss to the Magic. All the hype Jordan fans seem to forget following this game just amazes me, but I never let them forget it. After this game all the talk was "he never lost a step" "he's in a perfect flow" " he's elevating like he never left the game." I could go on and on and on…. Then BANG!!!! The Bulls get peckerslapped out of the playoffs by Penny and Shaq. Then what happened? Let the excuses fly. Like a pack of female dogs in heat, the Jordan fans (media included) started backpedaling. All of a sudden..this game became an "anomaly." An "outlier." All of sudden Jordan "needed more time to find his legs." It's this game that I love to rub in the faces of all the Jordan fans, just like you rub a dog's nose in it's own crap to keep the dog from crapping in the same spot. This is the game where Jordan fans were officially called "nut huggers" when all is said and done. I love this game!

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  35. “Starks is the best defender on Jordan”

    MJ: 55 points

  36. imagine mason and ewing together in the nba TODAY……. fuck super teams they wouldnt let you close to the bucket

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