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Michael Jordan’s “Double-Nickel” Game | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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25 years ago today, Michael Jordan dropped 55 points in a classic performance at Madison Square Garden. It was his 5th game back in the NBA after retiring nearly two years earlier.

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  1. He forgot 2 more nickels so Kobe gave it to him on his last retirement. Edit: Hubie brown has been 87 years old for 63 years.

  2. This is my first time watching MJ full game all not highlights but full game

  3. Damn I wish he would have played vs Ahkeem in the Finals this year. It would end all discussions of the What If. Cause MJ Balled out this Game

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  5. These are the types of games you hate to lose because it could have sent either way

  6. I was at this game. My pops had bought the tickets months in advance bc I was still a Bulls fan. We had no clue mj was coming back. One of the most memorable nights of my life. Knicks fans were SICK and I was loving every second of it 😂😂😂

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have wanted to see this game again for decades.

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  9. Back when the knicks were decent. Barely rememberable.

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  11. Lol, besides Jordan there is not as much talent as there is now in the nba and the 2016 warriors could totally beat these bulls I don’t understand why they think it would be hard.

  12. fucking scumbags with ads every 3 minutes . fuck the NBA

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  14. wow, the amount of ads in this upload, are you that greedy???

  15. 26 years later and the way they televised basketball has not changed at all with replays, commentators, zoom ins on players, etc

  16. what scottie did near the 19th min was not okay, he's been playing with Jordan too much

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  18. Everybody sleeping on Scottie Pippen here, averaging 32, 15, and 4 playing the Knicks haha. 19:32 epic dunk

  19. I thought this was an Finals Games, its more exciting than present games

  20. You know what I don't see? Hard nosed hand checking hide the kids crazy defense! This is bulls Knicks! Where's the you couldn't survive back in my day defense? A foul is a foul and a hard foul is a hard foul no matter when you played…Everyone miss remembers how things really were compared to what they want them to be!

  21. Imagine if Jordan played at least half the 94-95 season. He would've been in much better hoopin shape for the playoffs

  22. Why is John Starks guarding MJ? That is a mismatch everytime down. That's bbq chicken for Jordan

  23. That last slip was because of P. Ewing LOL. He was sweating profusely all night that he made the floor slippery. LOL

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  25. 49:49 that coulda been a career ender on jordan's right knee jesus christ.

  26. He's truly the goat….were did the time go when I used to watch these games live on TV smh

  27. Ef this! Lebron over MJ? Did MJ complain? Did MJ sit out for rest? Did he given game-winning shot to teammate? Did he not 3-peat? Did he not retire then 3-peat? Ef bron. Always blaming. Always crying. Talking too much when loosing. Gay as fuck the fake king. MJ is goat. Only one 23.


  29. KIng? There is only ONE and it's not a basketball player.

  30. That little sideways look from Jordan to Weddington, then the high five after the game winning dunk says it all!

  31. What is this illegal defense nonsense? I can see why MJ got 55 when all he has to do is an iso post up on someone half a foot smaller than him

  32. Games in the 90s were so sloppy. Missed open layups, sloppy turnovers, and bad decisions. Ball handling wasn’t great either.

  33. Notice how rarely anyone had any tattoos, all clean. Nowadays everyone is all sleeved up in the nba.

  34. Refs sucked in every decade, that hasn’t changed

  35. watching this reminded me how "egomaniac" MJ was and how the whole team's offence just revolved around him. It takes a team to win.

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