Miami Heat vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Season -

Miami Heat vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Season

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  1. How can you beat a team if all 5 players can drill 3 points…

  2. Let's go Heat! They've done it again. Thanks for helping the Warriors team as well in regaining the top spot. Let's go Warriors!

  3. This man talking bout the Sixers like they better then the Heat. They’ve been playing without Bam and barely with Jimmy and they still playing scary

  4. heat won without jimmy or bam with a suns team at 99% health and vegas odds still have the suns ahead of the warriors GTFOH!

  5. Hahaha sun vs heat = sunburn 😅😂🤣😬😫

  6. The Heat took this game seriously. One of those wins that helps get a season going. The players understood the assignment.

    Team isn't even able to be at full strength. Underrated. May not win it all, but they can at least be a serious spoiler at leaat. At least.

  7. Oh crap. I forgot Butler rolled his ankle. Dang

  8. I love the energy of Herro and Robinson… They're just not afraid to take those shots, from any position of the court.

  9. Pat Riley is the greatest basketball mind ever. He and Red Auerbach probably have to be the two greatest. To build a culture and sustain it for over 25 years is pretty incredible. He didn't bend his rules even for Lebron. The Godfather of Heat basketball.

  10. Imagine the HEAT BEING TOO HOT FOR THE SUN 🌞??

  11. Damn that's a blow out from the start, heat has answers to everything, even without Butler. What's the standing now, still on west top playoff seed?

  12. Great win from heat my pick from the east 👏

  13. Miami is the team to fear the team to beat

  14. Oh no. This game shows that the suns are going to have a lot of trouble with golden state defensively. If golden state comes up with a new offensive scheme the suns haven’t seen already they are in big trouble in the playoffs.

  15. I was watching the whole video with a smile on my face. Man, this Heat culture is really different, what a game. How many other teams can beat the Suns by 23 on their court with their 2 best players out?

  16. Only 4 baskets in the entire first quarter were 2-pointers. All the rest were 3-pointers. That’s how silly NBA has become

  17. jae crowder screams "AND WWWWOOOOONNNN" back there and OVER win LOOSE..LOL U CROWDER..

  18. 🤩 MEGA Picture ( thumbnail ) 2022 Poster 💥

  19. Defence win a game even your not a caliber player

  20. 2:50 “Where do they find these guys,” as a heat fans im happy to hear this

  21. The Bulls will soon have the best score in the league. GSW, Suns and Jazz are losing games.

  22. Great win 🔥🔥🔥 away go Miami 🏀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  23. Pat Riley really is a master in finding hidden gems, Heat managed to beat the suns by 23 with mostly bench players and 10-day players. Also props to coach Spo to make these guys work each other out

  24. Phoenix VS warriors and heat VS Nets the conference finals

  25. Seems like JB never plays when I watch the Heat smh

  26. Every shot by the Heat was on target, it's insane. When this happens and CP3 is not at his best, you have just to defend decently to win a single game against any team.

  27. Heat just got lucky today and the Sun were off. If they were hot in this game, Heat wouldn’t have a chance. Heat got beat up by the Warriors without Klay and Wiseman and Curry was off. Don’t get to excited about this win.

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