Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | Jan 25 | 2022-2023 NBA Season -

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | Jan 25 | 2022-2023 NBA Season

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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | Jan 25 | 2022-2023 NBA Season


  1. Memphis:We aint duckin no shmoke
    Klay:hold my mamba forever body armor

  2. Poole always feels a hero ball. Can’t blame Green punch + Steph mouthpiece = JP feels his big time paid $$ selfish 😮


  4. Golden state won but memphis is about the only team I've seen that gave golden state a run for their money…

  5. Just took a glimpse of the score where the Warriors were down by about 6 points about 6 minutes left on the 4th quarter and I thought they'll lose. Glad they got the dub.

  6. Kuminga over Ja with higher IQ, more skills in the bag, and atheletism

  7. 7 on 5 and the Griss still lose. Warriors is the only team in the rigged NBA, capable of winning playing 5 against 7 or 8

  8. Left out Steph getting ejected for acting selfish

  9. Wow that was a great game. Really good editing. It’s fast but not too fast. Great job

  10. Dray low key balling in keeping it together had a tech but we have seen so much worst s/o to Dray not falling apart in stepping up with the ups n downs

  11. When the fake dynasty meets the real dynasty!

  12. Those 2 crucial 3pts by Curry at the end was somehow not included in this.

  13. OMG were on the edge of the seats in this game! Breathtaking! Warriors matched the speed game of the Grizzles. Young guns of the Dubs & their big 3 worked so hard with this W🥳

  14. @9:16 thanks nba or youtube algorithm or both.. ya fucking donkeys

  15. Just like any other series vs Grizzlies its always a stomp 🦶

  16. JA is a problem, but Steph after a quiet first half destroyed Brooks VJ. I just cannot root for a team with Dillon the punk on it

  17. Yeah , we're fine in da west… say's who???

  18. After watching this game I realize how important Steven Adam's is for the Grizzlies . He reads recounds so well

  19. 2 cards to cover the ending of the video ruined it what we're you thinking 🤦‍♂️

  20. If Memphis don't go out and get ja a star player he should ask for a trade 😤

  21. Get the stupid ads off the screen at the most important part of the video

  22. Warriors are 3-0 Against the grizzlies dating back to last post season since the grizzlies said “ whoop that trick “ to us lol😏😏

  23. At this point I would say that it will be harder to make it to the playoff that go to the finals 😖 what a weird season

  24. draymond gets away with way too many fouls tbh

  25. I wonder how “fine” Ja Morant still is with all the teams in the west 🤔 Because they still can’t seem to get over the hump against the team that is barely 500 right now in that very conference 🥴Who’s the best player was kicked out before the end of the game and they still couldn’t find a way to beat them.

  26. how about 2pop up window dont pop up all over the fn screeen so i can see the last f play?

  27. Man you actual shows the possessions 💯unlike other channels .. it’s jst made bucket n go

  28. lousy video!!! we can´t see the end of the game because of publicity of other videos!!! the warriors won at last second, we have to guess that.

  29. Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour,but "Growing money is knowledge" I figured this out a week ago.

  30. Hard come back from Golden State))))) that’s good 👍)

  31. Bitch, stop cutting the videos the way you do it. Report you until this channel is banned.

  32. Couldn't see the last play because the suggested videos was in the way. That needs to change

  33. Team full of nobody's taking it to made teams full of stars keeping them honest & its all part of learning & experience

  34. The last few minutes were blocked by stupid fucking ads for other shit. What the fuck??? I pay for premium service to cut out the ads.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. cmon.. couldn't see the winning basket.. weak..

  36. I'm surprised the Warriors won this game. The Grizzlies are a very physical (thuggish) team that have perfected the art of pushing the envelope.
    The "Officiating" Crew that called this game is beyond incompetent.

  37. each other enjoy this time. 🤓
    I really envy Memphis and Warriors; they seem so happy together.🥺

  38. 🤣🤣🤣 ref won this one for the warriors forgetting to call that foul on green but that's why there home record is great and road record is shitty them refs at the warriors game gave it to Klay "Green continues to re-establish himself following the initial contact with Brooks and he creates further contact with Brooks that affects Brooks' ability to move around the screen," the NBA states in the Last Two Minute Report.

  39. I start watching and they losse 2 games im not watching grizz anymore

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