Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind at Her Kids’ Basketball Games -

Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind at Her Kids’ Basketball Games

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Melissa McCarthy divulged to Ellen that since her two daughters have started playing basketball, she’s become exactly the type of parent she feared she would meet – aggressive and yelling from the sidelines. Plus, the “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” star recalls the hilarious moment she found out she was nominated for another Oscar.



  1. I love that they’re supposed to be talking about her nomination and she starts talking about how proud she is of her kids! She’s so grounded and humble is so nice to see someone so talented be so sweet 🙂

  2. I love Melissa McCarthy! She's hilarious!

  3. I love Melissa McCarthy. She's just a great person and a superb actress. Very well deserved nomination and I hope she wins.

  4. Hey! I'm literally wearing the same turtleneck as Melissa as I watch this! 😁😁 Love that for us 🙌

  5. I once had the ref turn around and ask me to quiet down. Guilty.

  6. Can I please just be friends with Melissa and Ellen? I NEED to be friends with them. NEED TO!

  7. If Melissa would do that in a movie I would watch that very fantastic indeed Ellen. And very funny 😂

  8. They should both run for president, so one can be president and the other can be vise president.. I think things would change for the better imo.. 😁

  9. I love Melissa but I didn't think her role in this movie was any better than any other role she played in. I believe it has to do with the story line. She is my all time favorite actress!!

  10. Melissa is such a hotty. Ugh. Wifey material.

  11. Melissa’s always great; and this is the best I think I’ve ever seen her look. Beautiful! Oh yeah, and congratulations on her second Oscar nom!

  12. I love how Ellen doesn't even have to ask questions to get the conversation started. Melissa just does it on her own! She's so awesome!

  13. i'm literally wearing the same black sweater that Melissa has on right now.

  14. I can see her next movie about children's basketball.

  15. "Well if you have the ball, I doubt wanna bother you for it …" 😂😂

  16. OH MY GOSH, so many funny parts!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was already crying before she mentioned that they were, because I imagined the emotion and then I laughed when she said they all started crying!!!

  17. No, Ellen’s special is not good! Dont lie Melissa!

  18. I think Melissa McCarthy is one of the actress who not show off her body and wearing sexy to get attention.She still amazing even wearing cover cloth.Good job Melissa!


  20. When Will you interview yalitza aparicio and marina de tavira?????

  21. Did anyone else notice the sticker on the bottom of her shoe 😬

  22. Her Oscar nomination leads to her kids first basket. Beautiful.

  23. My mom does the same thing at my basketball games😂

  24. i love you melissa MCcarthy to play as a basketball

  25. She Should Play A Kids Basketball Coach In A Movie

  26. She is an amazing actress Melissa mccarthy

  27. i love melissa so much i wish i could met her

  28. She played an angry basketball coach in an SNL skit, it’s called ‘outside the lines’. It’s even funnier now that she told this story😂

  29. I love Melissa McCartney. Beautiful and hilarious

  30. I understand her enthusiasm. I used to get so into my son's soccer & softball games. There was one other Mom like that too. The other parents thought we were nuts.

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