Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State | College Basketball on ESPN -

Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State | College Basketball on ESPN

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In the closing moments of Kansas State vs. Kansas, the Jayhawks’ Silvio De Sousa stares down the Wildcats’ DaJuan Gordon after a block, and the two teams break out in a fight.

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  1. I hate how non athletic types like commentators are so quick to get on their high horse anytime a fight breaks out. And shames everyone involved. They do it on national TV which gets people watching the idea that they are watching nothing but "THUGS". I have observed this for over 30 years. This is why people mistake passion for anger because of what is said, not what happens in the heat of the moment.

  2. he grabbed the chair then thought about it and changed his mind

  3. You can take em out of the projects, but you can't take the projects out of em.

  4. It's an unwritten rule , if the winner of the game has already been decided and the guy is just dribbling out the clock , you don't go in for a cheap steal .

  5. That’s the meanest block I’ve ever seen and imma be for real the other team are just sore losers for starting that fight

  6. All the guy in the purples fault for trying to make a lay up for no reason

  7. I mean, 22 did start it lol so I get why Kansas ST fought back

  8. poor sportsmanship. they already won the game but they still want more. suspension for this guys.

  9. White team no 21 never play If you dnt have the games spirit…Higher authority please Suspend him

  10. Just gave one point to the team instead of the T frre throw and become 80-60

  11. crazy and stupid player… stop that league…

  12. commentators "BAD PLAY"
    me "ooh yes its a fight finally something interesting"

  13. (here on April 6th 2020)…Ahhh The gold ole days of NCAA before social distancing!

  14. I’m sorry but when he bust out the chair I was dying 😂

  15. Went from basketball game to WWE real quick 🤣

  16. K state ain't got no heart except bruh in black shirt. He held it down why the rest of the team just look at bruh get jumped.

  17. I’m not sayn that’s ok BUT it’s what it is. Sum1 coming for mine. Ima get u

  18. I didnt see any punches.. maybe just pushing each other. 🤣

  19. Both Kansas teams don’t recruit in their own states. They get dumdums out of trash cities who shouldn’t be allowed in college. I’d love to read these guys’ college term papers.

  20. imagine pulling out your iphone to film that fiesta xDDD

  21. if only miami heat could start this insanity someday lmaoo

  22. everybody gangsta till that one dude pulls up with a chair

  23. There goes there scholarship and their future in the nba

  24. Former Kansas player after this game: son you have any offers
    Son: yes kansas state and….
    Former Kansas player: you ain’t going there you probably gonna have to play D2

  25. Wwe Royal rumble kstate Kansas Cincinnati and Xavier

  26. Philippines vs Australian bomer is the best check if u have time

  27. It's Kansas vs. Kansas. Brothers fight. Get over it, we did.

  28. Whose here after seeing that comment from the Indiana vs Detroit fight video.

  29. NCAA Announcer: This is terrible

    Stephen A.Smith: Your wrong here’s why

  30. Test their lead levels. Seriously, lead exposure ruins impulse control and lowers IQs.

  31. I’m a KU fan and this fight made me proud

  32. i am scared of what next practice is going to be like for each team.

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