Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State | College Basketball on ESPN -

Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State | College Basketball on ESPN

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In the closing moments of Kansas State vs. Kansas, the Jayhawks’ Silvio De Sousa stares down the Wildcats’ DaJuan Gordon after a block, and the two teams break out in a fight.

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  1. RetroGamer8701 Gaming And Animations says:

    Girls Relating: You?
    Boys Relating: 0:10

  2. The real loser here is the chair. He bout to get anialated.

  3. Stephen A … He is a brother and known him since he was a kid…

  4. I give props to the band who are playing in the background

  5. Dude in the black in regular clothes looks like he got stomped. And all they keeping talking about is a gotdamn chair that never went anywhere

  6. 2020 been that long I thought this happen 3 years ago 🤣🤣

  7. this happened in 2020… good lord this has been a long year

  8. The band still playing during it is so funny to me

  9. it’s been a long year I forgot all about March madness

  10. If only the crowds were like this is awesome!

  11. "this is bad.. this is terrible"

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here grinning trying to get comfortable for a good fight.

  12. Is like watching the Arsenal/Tottenham derby from 2020 hopefully 🙏

  13. I don't know why, but I laughed when the girl touched his head at 2:56

  14. I know mostly no teams from college basketball so seeing Kansas versus Kansas State kill each other is so confusing

  15. In the first row that is above the people fighting, you can see 3 girls shocked and one lady just screaming at them to fight

  16. Just imagine if this had been a two or three point game…

  17. Future BLM executives enjoying the college experience.

  18. don’t bring out the teams.. you both forfeit the game. sorry.

  19. If anyone else brings the ball up court to end the game, then all of this is avoided.

  20. Nah, still not as dramatic as the game between North Carolina Central and North Carolina A+T., oh, Jeez, any number of years ago. Never mind your ONE chair being thrown, How about half the people in the entire arena being involved, DOZENS of chairs being thrown by SPECTATORS, women screaming and, literally, running for their lives. Yep. That was a big one. Just shows what a little local rivalry can do….

  21. Seriously. What was he going to do with a chair?

  22. The only thing of basketball i’ve ever watched to the end

  23. Announcer: "This is bad! This is terrible! This is not right!"
    Me: Grabs popcorn. People were literally flying across the screen lmao.

  24. There will be an Extreme Rules Basketball Match

  25. Props to the cheerleaders for staying out of it and keeping the ladies away from the mess.

  26. The game is over until that idiot kid steal the ball. Lol

  27. I was expecting one of the crowds at the bleachers would elbow drop

  28. I like the girl with the Sunflower in her hair!

  29. They should stop the game send everyone home. Then suspend both teams for the rest of season.

  30. It’s funny, this is the purest form of what old head would do in this situation

    Edit: remind basketball players can’t fight

  31. As a KU fan I watched this game, this was very stupid on KU’s part

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