Marian vs Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2023 -

Marian vs Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Marian vs Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2023
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  1. Yes thank you Matt. I love to look at your highlights every year . Much appreciated. Go #iubb

  2. Dude I’m really excited about Gunn and Cupps. Also banks looked pretty good in the 2nd half and Malik is lookin really good

  3. Last yr, Hoosiers only had two scorers with no 3 pt shooters. This yr it looks like we have multiple players that can score from inside and out. Excited for this yr👍

  4. Our frontcourt looks awesome. Hoosiers will need great guard play to win the big games. Hope Xavier Johnson kills it this year

  5. We need this IU condensed games all season Matt. Thanks as always 👊

  6. I’m sure that Coach Knight and Gus Etchison’s Dad, Tony were watching this one together. Rest In Peace.

  7. Thank you for posting this video. I refuse to pay for btn+. Will you be posting the kennesaw st game on dec 29th?

  8. Play for the GENERAL GENTLEMEN….Then learn about yourselves…

  9. These kids neither know nor care about Bob Knight. They don’t seem to realize that without Coach Knight or Coach McCracken, no one would give a rats rear-end about Indiana University Basketball! They just come off as disrespectful. Maybe I’m getting the wrong impression. I know their coach cares about Bob Knight.

  10. this marian team might have a legit shot at a natty

  11. Last thing in the world Bobby Knight would have ever asked for would be a f^&*^%g moment of f&^%$#g silence. Michigan fan from birth. RIP Coach.

  12. Gabe cupps is gonna b a defensive specialist

  13. Y’all are sooo excited about cupps. Barely heard his name against a no name team. Can’t wait to see him against the big teams when it matters.

  14. Mgbako doesn’t seem as good as we thought he would be

  15. Lots of guys that can score on this years team. Excited for their potential!

  16. I'm a Hoosier fan win or lose should be fun to watch rest in peace coach

  17. We will shock the world this year! More talent than we’ve had in years! Now let’s shut up and see how it unfolds

  18. Number zero for Marian looks like a true hoosier shooter. One of several in fact on the Marian squad. Should be fun to watch them play. Pretty porous defense from IU, but then defense requires effort and offense is much more fun and likely to end up on a scouting reel.

  19. Ware And Mackenzie gonna be good for this defense and we gonna be crazy good at defense but our offense is gonna be horrible. Johnson can’t shoot Galloway can’t Malik can’t and our two bigs can’t be the best shooters

  20. Thank you for posting these. They’re much appreciated.

  21. Players laughing and goofing off during the Bob knight thing? This generation at its finest

  22. If Ware can get going early and find some confidence it’s gonna open up a ton for the other pieces to get moving.

  23. This team has 3 potential pros and a top level euro guard in my opinion.

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