Marian vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 10 29 2022 -

Marian vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 10 29 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Marian vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 10 29 2022
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  1. My dumbass had an offer for them and turned it down

  2. Supporting the Indiana Hoosiers from New York City Central Park

  3. Thanks for posting this i didnt get to see it live

  4. Hoosiers Look Loaded this year! 56+ years watching the HOOSIERS!!! Thanks for posting!

  5. Thanks Matthew Loves Ball, really appreciate this video, was looking 4ever for some highlights!!!

  6. thank you for that detailed summary! much appreciated

  7. iu fans pay close attention at 1:52, who brings the players to the huddle, it's the one and done freshman JHS, he is a leader, in contrast XJ is off "doing his thing(not in a bad way)" but quickly joins the huddle, which is a good sign….JHS leadership/play and the rest of the roster, you might be looking at an elite 8 team this season, but as a program(that has that bobby knight year to year success), still got ways to go!!!!!

  8. #13 think again maybe #25 is appropriate!

  9. Thank you for recording this I couldn’t find it anywhere. You’re the best!

  10. I feel sorry for Leal, he's not going to get any playing time.

  11. 0 is a little out of control and can not hit a contested shot at all, not even layups. Everyone else looks like they have grown.

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