Man Wins $10,000 At Basketball Game In Shoot-Turn-Shoot Promotion -

Man Wins $10,000 At Basketball Game In Shoot-Turn-Shoot Promotion

Odds On Promotions
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Man wins $10,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions in a Shoot-Turn-Shoot contest sponsored by Dodge at halftime during a North Dakota State basketball game.


  1. why are there ppl that keep saying ''lucky'' just because a person did something rlly good? well sure someone might b lucky but not all…. so pls stop saying lucky u jealous persons. and very nice job! ^^

  2. everytime i see things like this i remember the part from Semi-Pro and the dirty hippie making that "moon shot" and will farrell freaking out

  3. how is it NOT lucky? you really think that guy can make 5/10 of those shots?

  4. "now what are you going to do with your 10k" "im going to disneyland"

  5. @hunnyXcakeforever "disney land oh boy can i come" "NO!"

  6. well, a lot can happen in the middle of nowhere 😉

  7. does North Dakota State even have that much money?

  8. @Mr.Bleh56 North Dakota State insured the contest. The prize was paid for by Odds On Promotions.

  9. I wonder how much it cost to buy the insurance for a $10K turn-and-shoot contest.

  10. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy maaaaaaannnnn. niiiiiiiiicccceee shot. (it's a song)

  11. so they choose one spot on the court and have to make it in both hoops in two shots?

  12. That man SORTA looks like Joe Flacco. I guess it's not, but he has a resemblance 🙂

  13. i bet the coach is all GET THIS GUY ON MY TEAM!

  14. Thumbs up if you somehow got here from Julian Smith

  15. why did everyone do the touchdown sign lol?0:42

  16. 21 people missed the shot and didnt win $10,000

  17. Gracious kid. I'd have been running round like a lunatic.

  18. @daveworley Thanks for the comment, Dave. It definitely has to be a wonderful feeling!

  19. He just put his hand up like….Are you not entertained? like it was nothing haha

    if that was me i would have been running around after winning $10,000 lol

  20. how did i get here from watching a video of a flashbang?

  21. i think he said at the end, "Wheres my money?" haha

  22. i used to be able to make baskets like that, then i took an arrow to the knee

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