Malaysia v Thailand | Full Basketball Game |FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Pre-Qualifiers -

Malaysia v Thailand | Full Basketball Game |FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Pre-Qualifiers

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Watch the First Round game between Malaysia and Thailand at the FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Pre-Qualifiers. #fibaasiacup

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  1. This is international game ? Why not hire a English commentator ??

  2. nice to see kabayan Jeff Viernes now coaching for Malaysia

  3. 刚看完大马对蒙古。被71和77气死了。好不容易27美美打上来了。就被这两个给整输了。教练组也是厉害,各种失误都还不换下去,难道真的有亲?真搞不懂。

  4. ณกรณ์ โคตรแม่น

  5. Malaysia zone defense is full of holes, everytime picknroll the shooter bound to have extra space, almost 20 uncontested shots from Thai went in. Guards or small forwards driving in do not have vision for extra pass to open teammates for the ez lay in. Mei mei taking too many random shots with no rebounder inside instead of a reset, supposed the coach gave him permission as he is the star player. Too many attempts at 3 with almost 3 players outside the line with 0 rebound possibility….. where is the strategy ? Thailand is not very strong tbh, just full of open looks for them to knock down 3 and rotate the ball way better…given aside they buy in 2 foreign players they are still a team that we could have a close score , players mentality need to step up , vision on the team passing is a problem.. share the ball and stop playing like everybody is Curry..

  6. malaysia is only good in sepak takraw and badminton 😫

  7. Congratulation Coach Eduard Torres and Thailand. Good Coach. Good Players. Coach Eduard u are Good Basketball Develop Al ur Players.

  8. ฆัราสก้กาหสสก่าหนั้ำาหสกาด่ำยยยขข

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