LSU vs. Virginia Tech - 2023 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY -

LSU vs. Virginia Tech – 2023 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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A massive fourth quarter led LSU to a 79-72 win against Virginia Tech in the Final Four, clinching its spot in the National Championship for the first time in program history. Watch the full game replay here.

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  1. Whoever runs this channel TURN YOUR SOUND UP !!! ……..No point to this without sound . Hire a computer expert to oversee your channel Doesn't anyone check these things before you upload. ??.

  2. Ironic and bet it went over everybodys head, yeah ya'll missed it, calya, caitlen both three point scoring shooters 1 and 2 both in tournement both no championship which goes to show, you can shoot and score high points all day, doesn't mean ya team gonna be champions at the end of the year, yeah is called a team for a reason right LSU!

  3. I’ll be waiting oh so very patiently for when the full replay of Michigan State vs Kansas State gets uploaded

  4. another rigged game where time and time again LSU got away with push in the backs for rebounds

  5. Hey REFFFFFFF it's over the back and a push ! Don't be scared to call the fouls! A Reese is not going to hit you !! A R ,you wished you had that pretty hair like Laila Phelia .

  6. V-Tech took that loss like real champions.


  8. i like the demeanor of the VT coach. he praises the players and found them to be a good group to coach and associate with. they may not have a street or rough mentality, but they are skilled and gracious

  9. He left number 13 Souel on the bench way too long

  10. The only transition Mulkey likes are men on her teams

  11. Alexis was trash this game. Terrible shooting from her.

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