LSU vs. Utah - 2023 NCAA women’s Sweet 16 | FULL REPLAY -

LSU vs. Utah – 2023 NCAA women’s Sweet 16 | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Watch the full game replay from the 2023 NCAA women’s Sweet 16, where No. 2 seed Utah faced No. 3 seed LSU.

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  1. Esto esta mas emocionante que la NBA , puro jugador de cristal y solo lanzar de 3 puntos

  2. Being a tiger fan of course I’m so happy LSU won but my God my heart breaks for that Utah player. A 75% shooter from the free throw line and she misses both?One being an airball? Poor baby just buckled under the pressure. It doesn’t matter how many good games she’s played in her career, THIS will certainly be the one she will never forget. I really hope she wasn’t a senior😔

  3. They need to follow there shots and get the board/ rebond


  5. Rewatching this the officials low key tried to take the game from LSU..

  6. Let’s Play, Have a Seat, it’s time for Women’s College Beach Volleyball 🏐🏖💺 and Hockey 🏒

  7. 47:40 Ik im not the only person who saw Angel do that💀 she a beast I swear bro

  8. Air balling ft with game on line is crazy

  9. coaches should teach their players to take layups or short jumpers not trying to be like steph curry who ruined the game of basketball. watched 30 seconds and I am done

  10. That LSU girl needs to do something about her uni eyebrows

  11. Say No To White Imperialism And Propaganda says:

    Not surprised that the arena is like 70% empty, women basketball is mostly unwatchable.

  12. Hard fought game and was exciting to watch.

  13. "A One Man Band Plays All Alone" Ronnie Dyson 1970

  14. feel for the utah girl missing both free throws to atleast tie or take the lead wow wow wow

  15. That would be dum to foul their shots aren't automatic.

  16. Utah choked when it really counted.🏀

  17. Tough free throws.

    Jenna Johnson will never forget.

  18. I wouldn't want to be the Utah lady who missed the last free throws. She clearly couldn't handle the pressure.

  19. This was a great game. LSU didn't play this way against Iowa. Jena Johnson a 75 percent free throw shooter just felt the pressure and choked at the line.

  20. This was a good game. Lsu pulled out the win.Go Tigers.

  21. For some reason the ball sounds really flat to me

  22. Kim Mulkey said Utah was the best team LSU played in the tournament. I agree. Even though VA Tech was a #1 seed. Utah was Iowa with better defense.

  23. What a great game! I felt sorry for Jenna. She will be mentally ready when put in that position again.

  24. Sorry for Johnson that didn't hit the free throws, she just couldn't handle the pressure, while on the other hand Alexis Morris made her baskets, shows she is a veteran. Morris should have been the mvp or Carson. Reese did ok, but my opinion Morris. Williams is underated.

  25. Wearing lashes , when it get wet or sweat its burn the eyes-


  27. hello sampiyon très fort byibi cool 😍

  28. 6:33 wasn’t a travel, she did it too quick for the refs or the refs cheated that 💯 but her pivot was the left foot , she took off with the right ..

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