LSU vs. Miami (FL) - 2023 NCAA women’s Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY -

LSU vs. Miami (FL) – 2023 NCAA women’s Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Coach Kim Mulkey and the LSU Tigers advanced to the 6th Final Four in program history after defeating Miami (FL) 54-42. The Tigers were led by a 13 point, 18 rebound double-double by Angel Reese. Watch the full game replay here.

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  1. Carson should’ve started over Poole

  2. This best player on this team is Alexis Morris. She is a beast. Jasmine Carson took over the first have of the finals game and Morris took the second have.

  3. Yes LSU is the best team ever and they have the best offense ❤

  4. LSU did not purchase those Kobe shoes. Vanessa Bryant gifted them to LSU and USC.

  5. If I noticed something y’all only talk about the bad things y’all never talk about when they do good things

  6. Felt like I just watched a blindfolded volleyball game. Even the duck in the back gave up, with it’s head down…lolAlso, what’s up with no time outs really….

  7. I am about being positive about my sistas. But someone help me here, besides being a good offensive rebounder and runs the floor well, Angel is a terrible finisher around the basket. She is a terrible offensive player. She misses easy layups. Unless she was better in regular season, I am confused as to why she is considered a superstar. And how did she get MVP of the playoffs? Serious, I'm confused.

  8. Eugene Marshall

    14 hours ago

    You must need glasses she is not All that good but yet she's the double double queen and broke records doing it so she ain't only looking good on social media she looks good on the court also

  9. At 1:00:57, I've seen she pushed Angel Reese. There was another time too, but I can't find it. A team like that doesn't win when you play dirty.

  10. I don't know why Carson is on the bench, she proved to be the REAL MVP in the finals, in fact the whole bench was the A-team..who knew?

  11. Kim did not win this game. The ladies on the court did

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