LSU vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 3 2023 -

LSU vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 3 2023

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LSU vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 3 2023
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  1. Thankful for the win but Kentucky's late game offensive execution is terrible!!!! I would say go to Wallace down the stretch but he's playing 40mins every night he don't have much left in the tank!!! Cal has to find time to get him rest!

  2. L.E.V.I. [Listing Epic Videos Immediately] says:

    Had a feeling this would happen. Our defense keeps selling us out every game. If our offense can’t match our opponent’s offense, then we’re losing. Good thing AP didn’t rank us yet.🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. As an LSU fan still pretty proud of the game we just couldn't rebound well enough which gave them tons of opportunities plus we really gotta work on our free throws. More or less just happy miller was actually making space for himself and taking shots and hannibal was a monster again overall looking like a fairly promising season for the Tigers.

  4. i’ll be surprised if we win against alabama on saturday

  5. Man that referee is as the great Charles Barkley would say Terrible!!!

  6. Doug Shows BLOWS. every UK game he has worked he has called some bullshit fantom call. Hates us. And J DYKES has to GO. The WORST.

  7. coach cal trying to give the game away by running high screens with tshebwe under 10 seonds on the shop clock

  8. Doug Shows is in the top 5 worst refs in the game. Tony Greenes probably the worst, but Shows is right there.

  9. I wish Calipari would close his mouth and sit down for at least 8 minutes a half.

  10. kentucky lucky they played this one at home lmfao atleast they finally hit 10 wins though

  11. Not a fan of either but where was the atmosphere for this home? Practically silent until towards the end but I give credit to the Wildcats for showing up though.

  12. Schwiebwa was shuffling his feet on that late charge call 🤣. That’s what you’d expect from corRUPPt Arena…

  13. Whoever this Hannibal is he's good I've been seeing him the last few games

  14. Uk needs more reliable shooting. Frederick would be a guy to go in crunch time

  15. I need to see more ball movement from uk teams like Purdue have a system and always move the ball. I would go out and get a new coach who can install a better system and offense it sucks wheeler and tshwibe are liability on offense with lack of shooting. Limits the spacing.

  16. mr dribble needs to be benched down by the water cooler..that would be wheeler… useless.. he's killing this team

  17. 21:40 that ref needs some glasses he was not out of bounces he just robbed lsu of a big opportunity to win the game

  18. Good win. they may make the tournament playing like this At least these jerseys aren't nearly as ugly as the new ones they're for some reason wearing. And please tell me these aren't for good luck. Don't you want to beat other teams with your skill and talent? As if luck actually exists.

  19. Kentucky has the most predictable offense and defense in college basketball…😢

  20. Dang, McMahon is going to do very well. Not to mention he's way harder to hate than Will Wade.


  22. Love the UK throwbacks… Glad they wore them again. Should wear them all year and get some blues to go along with the whites

  23. Sorry LSU on your schedule is hazardous to your record,, now they 12and20, and UK is,9and 5

  24. Go big blue but My hat's off to lsU could be a alete ,,8 caliber team. UK just got John pissed and we will win out 36 Mark my word.

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