LOWEST IQ PLAYS IN BASKETBALL! DONT DO THESE 🤦🏻‍♂️ #basketballtraining - bestfungamesll.com


Keith Poitier Performance
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  1. Bruh my first game I scored on the wrong hoop. Look at how far I have gotten

  2. …don't change the national anthem for an entire country of people. That should be rule #1

  3. Is the USA this bad? This doesn't even happen in pickup ball in canada😢

  4. i just throw it at the opponants, i have so many highlights of just that lol

  5. Mf acting like I stepped on the three point line on purpose

  6. Don’t throw the ball that far throw it at half court towards the out of bounds if the opponent gets it you have a chance to recover but more than likely its either out of bounds or ur ball. Other side of court is 99% out of bounds

  7. Bro pne time my cousing had a school game and she scored the other team

  8. You only throw from far when game game is about to end

  9. я в ахуе, даже в африке хлеб дешевле, чем у нас на севере, здесь стоит 100 рублей

  10. Nah when ur under the hoop chuck it at one of the nearest enemy players to try and make it go out of them

  11. Talk about low iq plays when you're saying to commit over and back by passing it under your own basket

  12. I am the one who scored in wrong basket👁️💧👄💧👁️

  13. My comedic moment was after a made freethrow I aggressively got the ball for the inbound then realised that it was the opponent’s ball😅 opposing players were looking at me stunned!😂

  14. This is the worst video I’ve ever seen

  15. I scored once in my own rim like 5 or 6 years ago and I am still getting bullied with it so never do that

  16. Man I was flushed played 2 whole games for almost an hour and a half without letting me rest, stream was forming from my body and I was so out of it all I could think of was "defend, score" and well surely enough it was during the last minutes of the game and yea I gave the the edge by scoring in their basket

  17. If your open for a small amount if time you'd want to take the 2

  18. Dude if you throw the ball back to your basket thats literally back court violation, besides no ones gonna be mistakening their own basket unless they have down syndrome 💀

  19. I remember this time when the whole basketball team was yelling at this one person ' wrong basket ' he did not listen and kept fighting to get the ball up there, when he did you came over to the coach for a high five. Let’s just say, the guy got benched. 🤣

  20. The first one isn’t low IQ it’s just the steph curry effect. You shoot from where it feels comfortable and fluid

  21. If you're about to go out of bounds, throw the ball to the opponent's feet

  22. I'm the basket, I can confirm these are by far the lowest IQ plays in basketball

  23. Arent u supposed to score on your oppents basket and the score on yours

  24. Bro really put taking a long two in the same league as these goof ups

  25. I accidentally tried to score on the wrong basket🗿

  26. I once scored on the wrong basket at an away game and the entire crowd cheered for me mockingly and then I sank a three and got benched

  27. Only the second one is low IQ tbh. It’s high IQ to throw the ball across the court to put it under your basket and it’s a bit higher IQ to make sure you’re behind the three point line. But if a coach actually takes you out of the game for taking and making any good shot they need to be replaced immediately 💀

  28. If you throw it to the other side and your team gets it back then it’s still a back court violation.

  29. bro really told me to not point on my own basket and thought he was helping

  30. Hear me out… when I was 6 I was new to basketball and my team and the other team were all crowded at the basket and I wasn’t really paying attention so I thought they were just trying to pick it up and bring it to the other side so I got it and ran to the other side and shot like a perfect jump shot but it was for the other team

  31. One time in like 2nd grade I scored in the wrong hoop and everyone laughed even the parents 😂

  32. Bro I got the tip off and threw it to the other team at my last game. At least it's just pickup ball with a bunch of friends so nobody really cares

  33. Bru I did the second one now looking back lmao

  34. I save the ball then I got no where to throw so sometimes it’s end up under there

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