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Keith Poitier Performance
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  1. The lowest IQ move is stating the most obvious mistakes.

  2. Throw it in ur own half court an commit backcourt violation 🫡

  3. So relatable, it is so easy for me to confuse two baskets when i panic during the game, which is every single moment of the game, and i tend to run up to my basket, shoot the ball and then wondering why no one were blocking me, everyone says i am fucking degenarete, but im not arguing against that, i try to accept their opinion humbly by holding myself from attacking them, but then i go home and cry like i used to my entire life after every basketball game, i detest that game, sucking at it so much makes me realise how miserable and pathetic i am compared to my classmates, i either gonna kill myself, or learn how to play that game decently well

  4. Yeah everybody don’t shoot the ball on your own basket….. what kind of dumb shit are you saying 😂how does this guy have followers

  5. The opposite team is shooting a free throw and when they miss my teammate gets the board puts it up on there basket he celebrated but then we told he got so embarrassed

  6. I remember having a teammate shoot on the wrong basket in 6th grade and they kept missing so we ran over and blocked our own teammate and took the ball from him

  7. The biggest thing I’ve noticed with inexperienced players is that the rush and make super stupid turnovers.

    take your time and play the game at your pace

  8. Dominique did something foolish like that in an all star game. The ball was going out of bounds off the west, but Nique being Nique goes for the unnecessary save and of course he was out of bounds

  9. Nah I ain’t saving that ball I’m grabbing it and throwing it from behind the basket and hopefully get a point

  10. i literally did this in middle school where i shot on the wrong basket but i’m so ass that i still missed💀💀

  11. If you need to hear this, just stop playing ball and focus on something else 😂

  12. How bout calling timeouts when you ain’t got anymore 😂😂😂

  13. What's more embarrassing is you go for an open layup and somehow managed to flunk at the shot

  14. I swear my team and I always go up against a team that scores on the wrong basket at least once a year

  15. number one low iq play: don’t wear your socks inside out

  16. The own goal tip in happens. As long as it’s accidental tip and not a straight put back ya get a pass imo. The most embarrassing is gettin an offensive rb and thinking it was a defensive rb so you starting running the wrong way down the court 😂.

  17. Moral of the short: make sure the ball is in the opponent’s territory. Please pay attention and ask which basket belongs to who. Even if your teammates give you slack for it it’s better than looking dumb in front of potential college coaches.

  18. This is by far the most low IQ video I have watched…!!!

  19. Stepping on a 3 point line happens most of the time…making it is more important

  20. What if I try to save ball on enemy’s side of basket

  21. I accidentaly scored on Our hoop 😅
    I thought we changed sides😅

  22. Mid range shots aren’t bad shots of you can make them consistently you should be able to score at all 3 levels paint mid range and 3

  23. Corner 3 on the line is worst shot in basketball. Stopped after that. Clearly don't know anything.

  24. once i was the only person to go the RIGHT direction off the tip 😭 i was standing there absolutely BAFFLED as to why my whole team was on the wrong side of the court

  25. I dislocated my shoulder like five times now, never gone to a doctor, I just put it back.

  26. In general don't just save the ball of you don't know where it's going. It looks cool sometimes, but its 5 v4 for who gets it so don't just fling it back on to the court

  27. But on the last 1 the other team is already gonna be on defense and get a turnover and if u pass it to there basket ur teammates would be there

  28. I had a friend score in the wrong basket and made fun of him for a while if tried to say anything to me 😂😂

  29. If you save the ball throw it at your opponents legs😂😂

  30. That's funny cos I had a basketball game once it was a couple weeks ago and I scored in the opposite hoop

  31. If u rlly wanna see the lowest iq plays watch flight play

  32. the worse thing is 119k idiots liked this video

  33. Or take a step forward for the more consistent shot. I swear these new kids these days everybody wants to be Steph Curry that s*** is ruining the game

  34. Cuz of my adrenaline I do #2 once in awhile 😂

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