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Louisville vs. North Carolina Condensed Game | 2020-21 ACC Men’s Basketball

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The North Carolina Tar Heels defeated the Louisville Cardinals, 99-54 in ACC Men’s Basketball action. Day’ron Sharpe scored 21 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to lead the Tar Heels to victory. Kerwin Walton was 7-10 shooting for 19 points for North Carolina, and Armando Bacot added 14 points and 9 rebounds. For Louisville, Carlik Jones led the way with 13 points in a game where the team shot just 32.8% from the field and made only one of sixteen 3-point attempts.


  1. Early detail after the game tied 7-7 Louisville slow to get back on offense n.c picked up the pace.

  2. UNC’s freshmen scored 71 of the 99 points. Damn. Perhaps they will indeed get it together just before the NCAA tourney.

  3. If they play like that they are a top ten team. Problem is consistency

  4. Imagine if Carolina played teams that hadn't played in 3 weeks more often.

  5. A win is a win but the Cardinals aren't a measuring stick for success. Still way too many missed free throws and turnovers. Big guys miss alot of bunnies. Hopefully they can beat one of the high caliber teams. The Heels have the best front line in America . If to the young pups come through they gonna be a tough out. Go Heels!

  6. Kerwin Walton has the prettiest shot in the country, and Dayron Sharpe is our best player.

  7. These sportscasters are annoying. They talk about all sorts of things other than the game.

  8. Always haters on Carolina..This was a great win at times little sloppy but overall outstanding..Play like this the rest of the way we will get a good ncaa seed.

  9. watch lunardi swap their seed projections 🤣

  10. Carolina we better make the NCAA tournament

  11. Nobody wants to play the heels in the tournament we are better than our record go heels

  12. The Tar Heels are the most puzzling team I've ever seen. One game, they look top 10, the next they're absolute rubbish.

  13. Another Final 4 is on this teams future. Next year I do believe.

  14. They beat shit down Louisville players legs. Chris Mack dont know how to make his players play hard. They basically gave up. Rick Pitino never got blown out by 30 and 40 points when he couched Louisville. This is embarrassing.

  15. Brooks is a senior, so no choice there, but none of these other guys should leave. Why? None have futures in a professional basketball other than turkey, Israel or China. Why rush to go play in Turkey when you can at least win an NCAA title next year. It would be a huge mistake for any of these guys to leave early, especially Caleb Love.

  16. Yikes!! As a Duke fan, all I can say is I hope Louisville plays like this on 2/27 and that UNC does NOT play like this on 3/6. This was a thrashing.

  17. Tar Heels had another good strong dominant game! Keep up the good work I love the hustle up and down the court. Run them tired 😆 🤣 😂

  18. Man that dude commenting on his life story instead of the game needs to shut up… my goodness. The whole first half could have been narrated by Morgan Freeman.

  19. Cory Alexander needs to shut the fuck up

  20. You know it kinda makes me sad, that people don't even mention Louisville along with all the other top programs sucking this year. UNC is now ahead of UL, and all year we've heard about them "sucking" and all year we have NOT heard that about UL. People mention Michigan State's, Arizona, Syracuse struggles, along with the blue bloods, but don't mention Louisville. I mean, statistically speaking, they're ahead of those three I just mentioned, the first in line outside the 6 blue bloods actually. So wassup with the lack of attention? It's like they're so irrelevant ppl don't even bother to know if they suck or not, I don't get it. I wanna see UL get respected and talked about for sucking like all the other top 10 schools!

  21. The spirit is gone, will it be back, aka fans!

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