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Louisville vs Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 20 2023

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Louisville vs Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 20 2023
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  1. Last year after every play–good or bad—the IU team would hurry up and huddle together. We aren't seeing that this year. Don't think they new players are gelling with Xavier, Galloway, and Reneau. Hopefully, this IU team can gel and start hitting some 3s. Three-point-shooting is major significance in high school, college, and the NBA. Got to shoot at leas 34 percent from 3-point to be a winning team. This IU team can win. The Big Ten is down. Purdue, Illinois, and Mich State have some players. Everyone else is pretty weak. Go IU. Delbert From Kokomo.

  2. Leave KP in NY and find a new coach!
    I've never been so embarrassed of this program. Pathetic.

  3. Reneau has got some great footwork under the bucket. Also, Reneau has a good stroke. He will make some 3s this season. Ware has that casual demeanor on the court, similar to Never Nervous Pervis Ellison who played for Louisville and won Denny Crum's only NCAA Championship. (I think. 1986. Maybe Crum won 2 NCAA's. One with the Doctor of Dunk.) Jay Edwards for IU also had that casual demeanor on the court. Sometimes, it works for guys. Maybe with Ware. Delbert from Kokomo. KHS 1983. IU B. 1987. Keith Smart, The Shot.

  4. 1 of 11 from deep. Thats disturbing.
    If you closed this venue and let our guys shoot threes uncontested, we'd still be 1 of 11

  5. Number 4 for Louisville got a bright future . Just s true freshman but dropping dines

  6. Reneau has to touch it more and cupps should be shooting more three hes shot like 4. Imo walker and gunn play better than johnson ik johnson is a og but like gotta do whats right

  7. Missed the game tonight thanks for the highlights ! Go Hoosiers

  8. after struggling against Army and Wright State, I was fearing the worst for this tournament. We hung with UCONN for 3/4 of the game, and then we put this one away. I'm happy with the results. Lots of weaknesses on the team, but hopefully we can keep improving and make the tournament. They finally showed a little fire.

  9. Looks like I'm the only Louisville fan in these comments. Louisville should of won the game. They lost because Kenny Payne don't know how to coach the team. The Louisville players didn't know what to do when IU changed to ZONE defense. Any good coach would of told his team how to get around zone defense.

  10. Rare to see IU play zone defense but it worked. The officiating all around was atrocious for this tournament. Would LOVE to see these two programs play annually.

  11. bro. as a louisville fan i got to say this. WE GOT TO MAKE FREE THROWS. it is unbelievably frustrating watching us lose close games when if we would’ve made the free throws we would’ve won the game. easily.

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