Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 4 Full Highlights | 2023 WCF | FreeDawkins - bestfungamesll.com

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 4 Full Highlights | 2023 WCF | FreeDawkins

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  1. Дэвис открылся на последнюю атаку ,был свободен , но старый пердун был жаден ….

  2. Officials were on theside of lakers when last 6 minutes they call very doubtful two charging foul on jokic on king of flops lebron .self proclaim goat . Thatswhat you call karma on overrated overpaid lebron . He mustretire to give young players to blossom . Its not the effort lebron but no teamplays lebron never listen to a coach inspite he recruit very massive superstaron lakers or any team he is with . Still nochampionship on lakers . Lebron mustretire for delicadeza . Have honor like CEO of big corporation theystep down . Lebron is lazy no true talent n selfish player

  3. Compared to Boston vs Miami this match is like a practice gathering haha

  4. Lebron he's NOT Michel Jordan the best of the best… 😉

  5. Jokic represented Europe basketball! Team team team! even in the last few minutes he still trust his team! My idol is Dirk Nowitzki. Now I love Jokic. Europe basketball is real team basketball


    Lebron not doing defense as I observe. That is why they lost

  7. what happened to the king ??? he's not even close to MJ !!!

  8. bro that game is so epic i will go thier too see lebron

  9. Nakakahiya the king 4 0 diman lang nanalo kahit isa😂

  10. Panalo sana kung nagkalaman ang utak ng coach.

  11. Clash of Titans!!
    Lakers vs Nuggets King Lebron vs Nikola Joker Jokic

  12. I’m a big fan in basketball 😊 I love the game and I’m glad that Denver won🎉 It’s my favorite team

  13. At 8:13, Jokic scores three points, but the referee for some strange reason shows that it's two points?!

  14. Lebron the GOAT ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ……. Michael Jordan is the GOAT!!! Thanks

  15. Tht y lebron James will not surpass Micheal Jordan ,he can win the game

  16. Denver are just too dominant. Like, this is one of the most dominant teams of all time. Crazy dominant. Like, it is incredibly hard to beat Lebron, let alone sweep his teams. GSW have experienced that. GSW just can't seem to get past him. Only times they managed it was with a cheat code in KD.
    The reason why people are still ignoring Denver is because of the ease with which they achieved to win things.
    Just too good and too dominant.

  17. I have had never think that I played basket 3V3 few times with future MVP 2/3 time
    I even made banana twice on Jokara ❤

  18. I'm sure LeBron last point attempt was fouled on the way through. 😮 Would have gone into overtime.

  19. Can someone tell me, what is the song name in the end? I pretty like it.

  20. 40pts and ghost mode in the klutch…what else? Nice sweep

  21. Леброн ГОВНО – ничего не может в концовке

  22. Antony davis always doing dumb 3 point foul murray and mike conlay every time

  23. LeBron , 7,32 …7,42….7,57,,, you cheat badly. big player do not do that, very disappointing.

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