Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 2 Full Highlights | 2024 WCR1 | FreeDawkins - bestfungamesll.com

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 2 Full Highlights | 2024 WCR1 | FreeDawkins

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  1. Gru owns the Lakers. They are his minions.

  2. That's how Bron is better than MJ😂

  3. Wow what a great comeback and a flawless buzzer beater

  4. this is probably top 5 playoff games in recent years

  5. My goat still don't have killer instinct 😢

  6. Tek sada sledi "Mašina za mlevenje mesa". Čuvajte se ostali!!

  7. The emotion is extraordinary, the atmosphere incredible! And all in a great state of mind. Sport at this level is beautiful. Thanks, guys!

  8. If the referees continue to give free throws to the Lakers every time, then there will be a lawsuit from Denver against the referee commission, if necessary all the way to the Supreme Court!!!

    Playoffs lakers nuggets FT 2023
    FT game 1 26:22 for lakers
    FT game 2 26:18 for lakers
    FT game 3 29:19 for lakers
    FT game 4 26:22 for lakers
    Playoffs Lakers nuggets FT 2024
    FT game 2 19:6 for lakers

  9. Только Лэйкерз могли быть в плюсе 19 и отдать игру.. Снова расстройство..

  10. This is difference between Jordan and Lebron… Clutch moments…

  11. Bro AD went on the bench and the game turned around

  12. Men, this is like the best NBA game of this season no capping

  13. U ain't no king , in ur face 😂😂😂😂

  14. Lakers play good , but , need more atention , becauae the nuggets are very hard to defeat

  15. NBA sucks now! Everyone shooting TBE 3 point line. Its not worth watching the players anymore! Even the Center shoots on the 25 footer. And a little foul they cry like babies.

  16. Man.. LeBron is an animal.. on the last 2-3 minutes he was unstoppable.. nuggets didn't deserve this win…

  17. why didint lebron just drive to the rim lol why shoot the 3

  18. Would have been amazing if Bron hits the last 3 pointer… Honestly Lakers withouthim were absolutely nowhere…

  19. This is the difference of seeing the 2023 NBA champion Denver Nuggets, against the "champion" of the in season tournement ahaha he doesn't know anything but to invent Adam Silver's gay so that LECHOKE James doesn't feel bad this looks like a sweep, for Next season they are going to invent a bubble like in 2020 so Lebron wins something. The last championship he "won" was in 2016. Everything else was a premeditated circus for Lebron to win a ring, whether it be the 2020 bubble or the 2020 circus. in season tournement hahaha

  20. I swear to God, “witnessing” this egotistical diva fall this badly in his final seasons is like seeing the villain lose at the end of a movie.
    Kino 🎥

  21. LA's false king bitching bout them refs 😂😂😂Americans are so funny

  22. what a poor decision to go for 3 in the end by lebrick

  23. Lebron bricked a open shot and would have been a clutch shot if he had made it. Murray hits a contested shot which made it a clutch shot giving the Nuggets a win. I’ll take Murray all day!

  24. LeBron needs to quit basketball and become a full time liberal activist.

  25. No puedo creer no q lebron fayara si no q lanzará tan rápido

  26. LeBron gotta have the most delusional fanbase ever😭Just imagine Bron has 15 seconds left till the end, misses open 3pt and then loses because of it and his fans just casually hop on FB groups and post nonsense pictures and theories about how Bron is better than Jordan and act like all that just didnt happen💀

  27. 9:23 Lebron comes up on him. That's when we knew it will go in. XD

  28. bruh i ain’t even a nuggets or lakers fan but this might be the best game of the season. game winning fade away on ad as the shot clock runs out like bro 😭😭😭😭

  29. At 9:30…James should not have shot the ball. He always though he has a killer instinct.
    But this is the playoff.
    Go Go Go Timberwolves

  30. Lol if lebron shoots that 3, in the last second, they can win it. But wtf 9:29 video.. free shot😅

  31. Better trade Dlo for a defensive center, he is a black hole in defense

  32. And lebron gona talk about davis defense 😅

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