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Longest Shots in NBA Basketball History (From Beyond Half Court)

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  1. I feel like most big man big shots from half court

  2. Looks like there are lots of Midorima in NBA 😅

  3. 1:00 when u shooting full court shots in 2k for fun and do a spin to add something fancy to it

  4. when your name is magic but you don’t play for the magic

  5. Ok, now I can enjoy this one.
    It doesn't have 12,450 ads in it. 👍

  6. The shot by Magic was in between the baseline and the free throw line. The best of the long distance buzzer beaters goes to Magic Johnson

  7. Such easy shots, I mean even if I was sitting down half these would still be very doable.

  8. This is videos just steph curry highlights😂

  9. Half court shots or farther need to be 4 points or more like come on

  10. Another clickbait, half of these clips were from half court when the title states beyond it

  11. Why wasn’t Jerry West’s 60+ foot shot from the 1970 playoffs not included?
    Or, did I miss it?

  12. I wonder how basketball would change if:
    1. They moved the three point line back further (they should)
    2. A half court shot (from behind the half court line) was made into 4 points (would be interesting)
    3. And maybe, a shot from behind the other free throw line was 5 points. They’d have to draw the free throw line across the court from end to end

  13. Bro 7:29 7:30 why’s it look like the shot was ok a cable or something the way the ball floated was up down & than in

  14. Half court shot should be a 4 pointer

  15. 1:58
    The judge: Chef Curry, here there are 20k people in this arena witnessing you evading, and taking a lethal shot. You plead?

    Chef Curry: No contest your honor

    🍛🍾🍜🥃🍱. Curry Jokes a™️

  16. The voracious vinyl broadly serve because salad postnatally breathe after a guiltless honey. noiseless, marvelous august

  17. There should be a difference between the points earned when shooting 3 points and back court shots (beyond half court). At least 5 points.

  18. I seen a half court shot live at an memphis grizzlies game justin holiday shot it

  19. I like how when Steph curry makes a half court shot no one is surprised but when someone else makes it everyone screams and jumps

  20. Becca T-Mac 1 D Orlando BlaCK Magic R D Boston RedsoX 13@33=35 Asian Houston Rockets 🚀 Blast 💥 Off Long Distance Shots TheRealDevilSatan=666=44=S.A.Tests T-Mac 1 9495=13@33=95 🦇 man 😈

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