Live $1000 YouTuber Basketball Match FT 2HYPE, MMG, AJ, Kenny Chao -

Live $1000 YouTuber Basketball Match FT 2HYPE, MMG, AJ, Kenny Chao

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We are playing full court 4v4 on the bucketsquad court with ZackTTG, Moochie, MMG, Kenny Chao, Jiedel, AJ Lapray, Jeff Balbui and me for $1,000 dollars! it will be hosted by Kristopher London

Live on Thursday at 6:00 Pacific

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  1. reason why black lost is coz kenny doesnt get back in defense xD LMAO

  2. Can we just acknowledge these great talented young men has grown into a great squad of basketball players. And honestly I think James is maybe top 3 best player in 2 hype becuase his 3 ability but his IQ level and his smartness

  3. ngl i was rooting for white team but i was almost sure black team was gonna win, but this actually suprised me

  4. AJ isnt even good enough for the G league bench….dude has an ego but doesnt have the game to back it up….

  5. James was definitely that annoying kid at recess that called a foul for everything lmao

  6. Mmh is cap about his Hieght because an 65 and Jesse 63 and he is shorter than both of them

  7. MMG may be smaller than AJ, and Zach, and maybe Mitch too. But man was EATING in the post

  8. Amp vs 2hype 5v5 I promise that’s a banger

  9. What a ball hug, black team is painful to watch all of that iso. You might as well pass the ball?

  10. Y'all should start doing this more

  11. So the MVPs of Both teams is Jiedel and Aj

  12. If LSK played instead of Kenny then zack team would have been unstoppable and switch moochie with Jesse that’s a wrap

  13. No way mmg is even close to being 6'5 cmon…

  14. Can we get a Jeff vs “L”enny I mean Kenny, I got a blue face on my mans jeff

  15. Why is the comment only 816 but the views are 389k

  16. wanna say moochie played better than kenny

  17. Moochie doing what he does as usual. very helpful

  18. Jesser they updated you on famous birthdays I’m not lying

  19. Swap Cash for James, swap flight for Jeff. No disrespect to Jeff, flight would be more entertaining

  20. They gave Efron the money James got nothing

  21. It’s funny how James thinks he’s good at basketball 😂 and Kenny lmao but AJ cold sheeesh man

  22. Bruh how hard is it to keep track of score wtf

  23. How you gonna have the two best players and lose

  24. James was 3/12 and had 3 turnovers in game 3 what a fucking scrub

  25. Black team lost because they didn't use Mitchell enough

  26. I can't with Kris when Efron hit the game winning point for them to win the series :"that's my camera man" 😂😂😂

  27. Best players of these games were AJ MMG James and obviously Efron 😂

  28. No hate I don’t know any of those youtubers

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