Live $1000 YouTuber Basketball Match FT 2HYPE, MMG, AJ, Kenny Chao -

Live $1000 YouTuber Basketball Match FT 2HYPE, MMG, AJ, Kenny Chao

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We are playing full court 4v4 on the bucketsquad court with ZackTTG, Moochie, MMG, Kenny Chao, Jiedel, AJ Lapray, Jeff Balbui and me for $1,000 dollars! it will be hosted by Kristopher London

Live on Thursday at 6:00 Pacific

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  1. Get friga and Chris staples and white Iverson on one that would be 🔥

  2. 2hype Vs Ballislife

    Tjass Amilly
    Mmg White iverson
    Jesser One arm hooper
    Zach Nick briz
    Aj Devonte friga

  3. The way this was recorded reminds me so much of football film 😂 iykyk

  4. Bro black team Mitchell was open so much. And Mitchell don’t be afraid to go and get a layup, you are better than what you did today. But good job to everyone especially to MMG holy he was on fire and AJ getting it done on both sides of the floor

  5. At 7:33 they made a layup and the score went up by 2 when their playing 1s and 2s?

  6. Kenny was scared to shoot in the first game

  7. Black team with basically no rebounds🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. How dope would it be if aj and mmg joined 2hype…maybe some t jass

  9. Me seeing the title: Kenny Chao😐 the point 6 nigga

  10. Black would have won but only people in paint getting boards was white team if zack had got more boards instead of staying at 3 they might have won

  11. Next time when kris is healthy it should be Kris mmg Jesse Jeff and James vs AJ Cash Kenny Zack and Mitchell.And then. Flight and T jass or just flight as commentators

  12. We need a 5v5 next time pls do 2hype vs the world

  13. Hear me out. A full bracket of different youtube channels and their teams. Let us make our brackets.

  14. james jus be falling over to try n get a foul call on a fall that didn’t even happen😂

  15. This the worst camera setting on 2k how u fix it

  16. Bro tbh aj carried all of black team they couldn’t knock one bucket down and once aj started turning up they one😂

  17. Mmg doesn't deserve it he shows off too much

  18. MMG top 10 in the community swear and he’s the madden guy cmon now put some respect on em✊🏼💯🐐

  19. This is my first time watching this & before watching or reading comments, I’m gonna say Black Wins 100000%.. Jesser & the other white kid is good, no way they beat AJ, Zack & Kenny.. No Shot…. I hope these teams were chosen randomly…

  20. Kenny said is there a shot clock😂😂🤣

  21. yoooooo we gon need another one of these the HYPE

  22. If you a mortal hooping on aj team it becomes easy to stand and look.

  23. Kris: Bucket for black

  24. Bro that second game was some bs lol the game was not over😂

  25. I’m convinced that Kenny can’t play team ball

  26. Black team had a weak link which was obviously MITCHELL… white team didn’t really have a weak link

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