Lithuania vs. USA's Dream Team - Full Basketball Replay | Throwback Thursday -

Lithuania vs. USA’s Dream Team – Full Basketball Replay | Throwback Thursday

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Enjoy this throwback to the Olympic Basketball game of the USA’s Dream Team against Lithuania from the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. The United States’ legendary team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and more faced the Lithuanian squad in the semi-final of the tournament.

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  1. Sarunas Marciulionis has a Spanish first name: Raimondas. Raimondas Sarunas Marciulionis!

  2. To show you where, when and how I grew up: Born in Seattle in 1973, where I grew up. Sonics and Blazers fan. Japanese-American. I grew up watching Sarunas Marciulionis play. I shot Sarunas Marciulionis 17-footers. Say it: Mar-see-UH-Lee-OH-nis!

  3. Looked like a young Donnie Nelson on Lithuania’s bench.

  4. What tall front court, that Transition Game was LETHAL.
    All that lead yet Coach Chuck Daly seems not yet happy😅

  5. Chomicius,Sabonis,Marciulionis,Kurtinaitis were big stars in Soviet Lithuania, and weird how Magic got bigger pop than MJ

  6. Wow that is what a great sportsmanship by USA.

  7. What's up with the black out screen that keeps popping up?

  8. I've seen more hookshots the first half than I have seen in the last 10 NBA season combined lol

  9. Hehe: Larry at 1:14:02 trying to repeat the trick from 1:13:25 of bouncing the ball off the referee's leg instead of losing possession.

  10. Amazing to watch. The Americans played unselfish ball and both ends of the court. It must have been overwhelming for the Lithuanians. Especially at the end of the game. You could see they were exhausted while the Americans looked fresh and tight.

  11. 52:47 This should have happened more at the Olympics, it was boring no fights no hard fouls except for Barkley, he made it entertaining

  12. The Lithuanians looked like a bunch of senior dads playing a pick up game..

  13. David Robinson is too nice not to catch someone when they're falling 55:30

  14. I'd rather watch garbage time of the Dream Team than any current NBA game

  15. quien ve esto hoy Agosto 2021? para que reniega el técnico de Lituania , , a este Dream Team, ni en sueños se le podria ganar !! jordan, Magig, drexler, Bird, pipen, Malone , Barkly, uuu una pesadilla todos!!!

  16. The USA…had the best players and uniforms. OK the other teams uniforms…just plain ugly

  17. In 1988 several of these same players were members of the USSR team that beat the USA in Korea. Looking at it now, they looked very intimidated. The USA was of course much better but Lithuania was better than they showed here.

  18. Что за черные вставки без конца? Смотреть невозможно.

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  20. Žiūrėjau ir nepasakyčiau, kad vaizdas, kaip lietuviai žaidė, džiugina. Į krepšį nelabai pataiko, Sabas dažniausiai išsimetinėja iš už galinės linijos (po to chebra laukia, kol atbėgs skaudančia koja), Garastas neprašo min. pertraukėlių (neturi jokio plano, jokių variantų?). Stebuklas, kad tada pavyko bronzos medalius laimėti. Belieka stebėtis, kaip pakilo krepšinio žaidimo lygis pasaulyje. Lietuviai progresuoja lėtai, todėl ir nežaidė Tokijuje. Baigėsi mūsų krepšinio resursai?

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  22. Let it be known that Sir Charles of the Barkley hit a SOLID step back 3 at 24:44

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  24. Джонсон и Джордан разыгрывающие, Баркли трёху кладёт – БЕЗУМИЕ!!! Они просто по -баскетбольному поиздевались над литовцами. Но, в сегодняшних реалиях, если НБА будет всё больше европейцев драфтить – им пизда скоро прийдет.

  25. Of course the USA offense was exceptional. It was incredible how much superior the USA defense was stripping away balls and rebounding like no tomorrow

  26. Bird was a special player he made everyone else on the floor better it showed this game

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  29. They was balling they enjoyed every min of tha Olympus

  30. The 1992 Dream Team was historic. You had Magic, Bird and Jordan on one team, three generations of all time great players. And those playesr came up when basketball was a much more physical and intense game. Some of the players today are great, like Durant who is a lethal player in international competition, but it is not the same thing. They just don't have the same pedigree.

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