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Lemoyne-Owen vs Memphis Basketball Game Highlights 10 24 2021

Matthew Loves Ball
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Lemoyne-Owen vs Memphis Basketball Game Highlights 10 24 2021
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  1. Best highlights I’ve seen! Looking like a NBA team. I’m just ready to see how well everybody mesh together against better competition 🔥🐅

  2. I was excited for this upload until I realized Emoni Bates didn’t play tonight…….smh

  3. It baffles me how high level D-1 players have trouble with free throws.

    They can nail 3-pointers from half court. But a FT? Nope.

  4. Thank you so fucking much for this. I'm overseas on vacation for a couple of months and my espnplus wouldn't work over here. Even with a VPN.

  5. I feel bad for those who don’t make the 10 man rotation because they’re definitely talented enough to make a difference on other teams but not here at Memphis this year.

  6. And another Hardaway son plays for Duncanville TX, and should be on the way to Tigerland

  7. Memphis is a THREAT this season they better watch out GTG!!!!

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  9. Emoni woulda played every game and started at MSU. Fuck strategy, play him.

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