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Legendary Game Winners

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The most rare & epic game-winners you’ve probably seen in NBA. All from Westbrook, Lebron James, Durant, Giannis and many more!

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  1. What about Jeremy Lin shot again the Raptors in 2012? This list is only for black only. That shot should be on the top 3.

  2. OMG. I thought I was going to have to light this video up, but my number one thought was yours too. Horry hitting a 3 at game 5, lakers versus kings. Best series ever in my opinion. I think the FBI investigated the series.

  3. Where's Kobe's 3-pointer against the blazers?

  4. If you got derozan here, you GOTTA mention the full court dunk he did against the pistons when he played for the raptors !!

  5. I was interested in this but I the BS music chased me away …
    The music always gets in the way … I came to hear the crowd, not to listen to music … THUMBS DOWN!

  6. How is the only game 7 buzzer beater number 19?

  7. Stop cussing and I’ll like and subscribe

  8. This list is garbage. How in the hell does MJ final shot in a Bulls uniform in a Finals clinching game is #18 on this list? 😂 can’t take this list serious at all after that

  9. MJ, Got the ball, broke the guys ankles, almost fell, shot the ball, buzzer beater x game winner.

  10. Never get tired of seeing MJ breaking ankles ❤❤❤

  11. this list could not be worse
    kawhi at 19 and mj at 18??

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  13. Nah!! D-Fish 0.4 Buzzer not on this list 😑😑😑

  14. What's the song at the start tho

    I mean the name of the song

  15. That's Lakers vs kings was probably the most hurtfu everl. 😂😂😂😂

  16. I love the part where LeBron James chucked the ball across the entire court.

  17. When you said LeBron is embarrassing, everyone I am like, but not the Nuggets GO NUGGETS

  18. I love the vid, but what about Ray Allen three pointer

  19. Jesus loves us and died for our sins 🖤 and rose 3 days later

  20. nobody gonna talk about NY melo against chicago hitting both threes to force OT and win in OT? sad

  21. #19 is one of the best game winners Ive ever seen

  22. LeBron really doesn't make 3 his game winner kinda trash

  23. Unfortunately, Michael Jordan‘s number 18 shot was a little bit controversial. He had a slight push off that wasn’t called.

  24. Thumbnail is ridiculus. Lebron never shoots from that distance. LoL.

  25. MJ even made thanos snapped that guy when he snapped his ankles

  26. Miller literally pushed Jordan,that shot should have not counted

  27. Horry was such a dirty player but wasn’t really that great; he was just on amazing teams, making huge shots like Derrick Fisher, who won the Kobe Games when he couldn’t win it. I still hate how they cheated the Spurs with that ref against the Suns, with Horry playing dirty against Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire getting suspended for sticking up for Nash. That was outrageous, especially considering the outcome, and it was the playoffs, so they decided to suspend him for it, which cost the Suns the series, which, in my opinion, they would have won their first title that year against the Cavaliers.

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