LeBron, Paul George have visited this famous basketball court in a crumbling tenement | SC Featured - bestfungamesll.com

LeBron, Paul George have visited this famous basketball court in a crumbling tenement | SC Featured

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The sudden death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna sparked tributes around the world. Perhaps none were more stirring than a mural painted on a basketball court in the Philippines in the middle of a seven-story dilapidated building that is used as a housing project in one of the poorest areas of Manila. The government is currently trying to evacuate the structure, deeming it “unfit” for living, but the residents have refused to leave, and one of the main reasons is the basketball court at the center of the property. Jordan Clarkson tells the story.

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  1. I visited the court one time that was in 2015

  2. if that building collapse do not sue the government

  3. While the tenement gives people the source of income and happiness thru that basketball court, still the danger lingers on as earthquake of a magnitude of 7 will collapse it and may kill hundreds of its residents. I hope what the government should do is to retrofit the whole building to withstand such earthquake and move on.

  4. i studied in the Philippines and my I'm one of the taller girls 5'8 ft. my biology teacher forced me to play basketball during intrams and the moment I had to dribble the ball, the ball just hit my shoe and everyone laughed. I'm a badminton player why am I playing basketball 😤

  5. Beb, idk ha. What if an earthquake really occurs? The narrative and the production are creative, but they do eclipse the danger of living in such settlements. Do you guys realize how scary an earthquake is and how these people's lives are in danger?

    And tbh, as a Filipino, Im tired of this resilience bull. Give us proper housing, proper education and sports facilities.

  6. I cried over basketball the same time I cried over a disney movie. No matter what age, gender, or status you are here, it's fair to say, we all love basketball.

  7. Oh how i wish that the lakers never traded clarkson away 😔😔

  8. Hope the Tenement can produce a Basketball Star
    Someone Born inside the Tenement

  9. LeBron James The NBA Basketball Player for Cleveland Cavaliers team

  10. Pls do not rely solely on basketball… Clean your place organize all floors and unit…plant….

  11. If you can beautify the court you can beautify your lives.

  12. Amazing mural artist ! Amazing community. Stay safe

  13. Let's be honest we know the tenement is very valuable to us but let's face the real scenario,if we want to maitain the court and building of tenement let our voices hear by the government! To demolish the tenement and build it again so the lives of people in tenement is secured,for this now if we continue to delay it what if the tragedy happen? That's why we need to speak to government to build tenement again after demolish it👍🇵🇭 I love the tenement because I grew up and playing in tenement before and after School that's why we need to be heard our voices

  14. 1. It's illegal for the government to evict the settlers without a proper relocation space.
    2. "Basketball can save the tenement" 😆 from the Big One? The Big One can hit above 9.0 by some pretty credible estimates and these tenements will go down for so much less.
    3. On #1, there's plenty of relocation spaces already built. But then when they do get relocated, one house will go to one family only and there's going to be severe restrictions on who can rent out or sell units in any capacity. This is to prevent the phenomenon of professional squatting where housing unit holders pawn ownership of their homes to some shark giving out "financial assistance", who then becomes the virtual owner of the units for so much less than they actually cost, and then charges the residents so much more than they owe the government. That practice is common in tenements like the one shown here, whose poverty and resiliency and basketball is being glorified.

  15. Love this much 🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭🇵🇭

  16. After marcos this all happend. Blame it to all maniliños….

    One of the face of edsa revolution, poverty…

  17. Why not preserve and renovate it? Yes it costs a ton of money but its for the better right? You'll give 3000 people homes and hope.. 3000 lives that chose basket ball as the center of their lives instead of living in the streets or doing bad things.. so instead of tearing the place down. FIX it. And give hope to thousands of people especially the young ones.

  18. Filipino's Love Kobe, and Kobe love's filipino, no one can't change it.

  19. Beautiful people. Beautiful story. Thank you. Much love and Aloha from a place where filipinos are thriving here.🙏🏼🤙🏼

  20. I hope peole realizes the importance of a life than a house before its too late.

  21. Filipinos are the most friendly and kindest people I've ever met…Love from Marikina city!

  22. I live here i die here daw? Tapos kapag gumuho panay tulong hingi at sisi sa gobyerno

  23. 42 billion pesos ninakaw sa kaban ng mamamayan. 42 billion pesos kahit anim na tenements kayang magawa sa halaga ng perang ninakaw sakaban ng mamamayan

  24. Waiting for 2k to add this Court that comes with variations. Sweet!

  25. Me listening: Fort Bonifacio Tenement
    Captions: Fort Bonifacio Tiananmen

    Also me: Well at least nothing bad happened right?

  26. 2K should include the Tenement in one of their parks!

  27. When we’re hungry. Basketball will keep us alive.

  28. Win, they buy food, feed families, sooo much BS tanginanganaman

  29. na alala ko to.
    gigibain yung building para mapalitan ng bago dahil sira sira na nga.

  30. Made in phillipines 🔥🔥🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  31. "I live here, I die here."
    -Anime protagonist that got isekai'd to our world

  32. No one loves basketball more than Filipinos, and im one of them

  33. ESPN should know who is Paul George and Jordan Clarkson. Hahahaha

  34. As a Filipino, I play basketball. Basketball for life

  35. Meanwhile in another universe… WNBA players be like:


  36. you said there is hope so where is hope?
    Did you helped them for that hope? you Jordan Clarkson my boy is lyin

    Don't you lie to me my boy.

  37. One Of The Most Famous Court In The World .. Ikinararangal Ko na ako Ay Isang Filipino♥️

  38. The artwork is beautiful absolutely breathtaking

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