LeBron James watches Bronny and Bryce BALL on OLDER competition! | SLAM Highlights - bestfungamesll.com

LeBron James watches Bronny and Bryce BALL on OLDER competition! | SLAM Highlights

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Before going “Zero Dark Thirty” for the 2018 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James watched his sons – LeBron James Jr and Bryce Maximus ball out in Akron!

Bronny (7th grade) and Bryce (5th grade) impressed last weekend in the Rubber City Classic, as both North Coast Blue Chip teams played up an age group against older competition.

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LeBron James watches Bronny and Bryce BALL on OLDER competition! | SLAM Highlights



  1. imagine lebron rooting against ur team 💀

  2. When is lebron James gonna come in and go hardcore

  3. Sooo it 2021 and this girl in 1:25 is wearing a whole mask l…..

  4. Imagine going to your sons basketball game and the other teams kid is Lebron James

  5. imagine lebron riding a tiny tricycle i would love that

  6. LeBron james Ayudame a ser basquetbolista profesional femenina es mi mas grande sueño te lo suplico . Ayudame por favorrrr

  7. now this is the first time i understand whats going on

  8. The parallel link simultaneously soothe because laugh bailly announce from a aromatic lathe. useful, depressed responsibility

  9. Lebrons kid : I will do my best

    Other kids : ohh shit why am I getting so nervous

  10. It's So nice to see the dad and sons relationship during son's sports competition 🥺
    But my dad didn't comes to cheer me up in any sports competition 🥺🥺
    Coz he is always busy coz he is Priest in a temple

    I'm sorry if my english is bad hope u all understand my feelings❤️❤️❤️

  11. I have heard someone from blue chips went to Jason Otter camp at Cincinnati in May 2020, I met three players for them, they told me something about Lebron James watching or coaching.

  12. When there shirt color is green and they name of the team bluechips🤣🤣🤣

  13. sana maka rating si cyori dahil i dol nakin sya

  14. This was 3 years ago and the lady beside him wearing a mask 😀

  15. LMFAOOO bruh for a secound I thought it said Bryce hall

  16. Bronny like oh sh*t my dad is here gatta make him proud

  17. ah the scratching noises of the court floor. Its been awhile since I last heard that stuff

  18. Man, Lebron's kids are slaying those other kids.
    Mom: why don't you go play basketball with those kids?
    Those kids: "LeBron's kids"

  19. King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  20. Bruh me making a 3 pointer: 😱😱😱😱
    Bronny and his brother: 😕

  21. Is it just me that saw the women sitting next to LeBron is wearing a face mask and this video came out before COVID happened.

  22. Lebron kids are playing like him but the shooting is sheeeeees

  23. Having Lebron James’ son on your team is AUTOWIN

  24. LeBron may be afraid of his son becoming better than him in the future

  25. Imagine being lebrons sons friend and seeing lebron as a casual

  26. Hits a 3 pointer
    Lebrons brain
    worthy of being my son

  27. Anyone else notices them playing against the “Ohio lakers” 😭

  28. lbj….. someday he will go to the 1$t pick overall nba draft

  29. When I was reading the title I thought it said Bryce hall lol 😂

  30. LMAO HE WAS LIKE "Good that's good, Worthy of being my son"

  31. What why does this lady have a mask even though this was made 3 years ago? 1:25

  32. Why the lady is wearing mask?? Even this was posted 3yrs ago 😲

  33. They definitely inherited their fathers passing skills

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