LeBron & Cavs Tie Series With MASSIVE ECF Game 6 Performance | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game - bestfungamesll.com

LeBron & Cavs Tie Series With MASSIVE ECF Game 6 Performance | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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LeBron James’ massive performance of 46 PTS, 11 REB, 9 AST helps the Cavs tie the Eastern Conference Finals at 3 games apiece in 2018.

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  5. K. Love could've played better, man, Cavs need to change their carry job culture. Its frustrating how their are many good players in a team but only focused on developing one guy.

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  15. i always get emotional watching Lebrons playoff run this year man. Every series was a thriller

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  17. JR Smith’s first shot was off the side of the backboard 💀💀

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  38. @ 1:18 ………… That little CHOCOLATE CHEER LEADER is NICE !!!!!!

  39. You can tell how tired he is when Doris Burke interviewed him at the end.

  40. guys how many of you agree this one of mark jacksons best MAMA THERE GOES THAT MAN everrrrr!!!!
    best player in the land, mama there goes that man!!

  41. Man imagine if the celtics won this series…..Jayson Tatum absolutely insane this playoffs

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