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Learn to “Play Calm” & Take Your Game to the NEXT LEVEL 🔬

By Any Means Basketball
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The best players in the world make the game look effortless. Especially for guards, being able to remain calm at any speed is an unbelievable skill to have. And we can train this! This video dives fully into how.

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  1. 1. Play calm stay relaxed slow down even for one dribble do quick changes of speed short relaxtion and back to the speed
    2. Best ball handlers stay relaxed dont stay out of control
    3. Players get out of control when they get pressured so stay calm
    4. Have control of the ball while you move slow 3:15 go fast then slow move between speeds 3:40 4:20

  2. D'Angelo Russell, the Brooklyn Nets version that made an NBA All-Star Game.

  3. I like to call it gears, gear 1 walking, gear 2 jogging, gear 3 running, you should be able to turn to gear 1 to gear 3 quick

  4. When i play pickup I'm sweet. When it comes to socials I'm retarded. I smoked a open layup last night coz i got in my head and i know I'm way better than that. It's true bball is like 80% mentality and humbles you quick

  5. This is one of the hardest mentality shifts for players to a certain degree, especially players who like to play with intensity or want limitless creative freedom.

    In soccer, there’s a big part of the culture of the game that discusses creativity as some kind of ineffable, uncoachable spark that exists and should not be touched, as if it was bestowed by the divine and thus cannot be interfered with by an arrogant human.

    I don’t think people realise that being a competitor and choosing to do what you can to win means being aware of what you’re doing at all times on the floor/field. At the very least, when you fuck up and commit and error, you’ll have a better idea of what it was.

    Plus you’ll play better.

    And I think there are levels to this. Dennis Rodman used to count the number of rotations on his teammates jump shots to better predict and react to where the rebound would end up. He was mentally locked in and calm, even while doing a high energy job. That’s something that I think people underrate about top level high intensity athletes, performing at high intensity with internal composure and clarity. People see the external behaviours and can’t see the internal process, and this the behaviours are the important part without knowing where they come from. Missing the forest for the trees type stuff.

  6. I want to learn how to play like this on 2K. When my opponent is just rim running and pissing me off smh

  7. I’m a better 2k player because of this video 😂😂💯💪🏾

  8. To learn from the best I will start to play cum today

  9. This video is a year old (or so), but if anyone watches it now like me, here's a tip for you to calm your nerves:
    Breathing. Sounds silly, but what I mean is while brearhing in try to take 2 quick, shallow breaths and then exhale as slow and long as you can. Idk the psychology behind this, but it truly works wonders.

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