Last move was tough. 😳 #shorts -

Last move was tough. 😳 #shorts

House of Highlights
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They playing 1 v 1 in the middle of the game.
(@hoopdiamonds, h/t shimmycurry_/TT)

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  1. Those kids are mediocre. They wouldn't even play at most schools.

  2. The kid that single handly made Julian irrelevant

  3. they short fuckers, let em have their moment.

  4. The kid in white has Kobe's old high school number on his jersey

  5. The number 413 kid is fucking gangster for that

  6. Aint never seen someone shoot a ball spiraling horizontally with convincing form

  7. Bro when he catches the ball with 2hand he dribbles

  8. Why is basketball so toxic? How is it acceptable to trash talk like that on the court? Why does anyone think that they are tough just because they can dribble a ball?

  9. Wait that was a travel right? I’m not a basketball expert but at the end the kid took like two steps without dribbling

  10. Since when is moving your pivot foot a “tough move” instead of a travel?

  11. I just looked it up, the winner is 6'1, the other guy is 5'7…

  12. 413 looks 10 and 404 looks like he’s 25

  13. The dude in the black and white was smooth with the last one-

  14. Jesus loves us ❤
    Romans 10:9 John 3:16 Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV ✝️🙏

  15. I didn’t Gabriel Jesus played basketball

  16. 404: gets juked
    413: your ankles are now mine

  17. DUDE GOT SKILLED CRAZY AS HELL! (from a dude that is like half his height)

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