Lane College vs #12 Memphis Basketball Game Highlights 10 31 2021 -

Lane College vs #12 Memphis Basketball Game Highlights 10 31 2021

Matthew Loves Ball
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Lane College vs #12 Memphis Basketball Game Highlights 10 31 2021
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  1. From this day going forward…MATTHEW LOVES BALL is known as the GOD OF BBALL!!!

  2. Memphis should be ranked #1 for the ugliest court in the country.

  3. Duren can't defend or even dunk in traffic. Will get drafted #5 to 10. Can't shoot free throws. Plays like a pussy for 6'11 250lbs

  4. Emoni is a sf. This team talented but they aint nothing special

  5. Big thanks for both Memphis exhibition games. Did not expect to be able to watch them but you always pull through.

  6. 00;19 I've never seen this kid use his left hand and All of y'all that are gonna comment refer me to a link where he does

  7. Great ball games so far looking forward some more win gtg.

  8. commentator said "bates' long length". Meanwhile Emoni's wingspan is less than his height lol.

  9. I've hooped with #1 kelvin on lane 🤣 he's a decent player but was funny to see him talking trash cuz that man will be losing big or winning big still talk you out the gym with the trash talk

  10. Shout out my boy justin sylver on lane, played with him in juco, solid dude

  11. I would just love to see Memphis win a tournament game or two it hasn’t been the same since John Calipari left, but maybe it will be one day. ✌️🙏🇺🇸


  13. Holy crap, I just came in my drawers!! What a game against this powerful Lane College Wampus Cats ball club! And what a juggernaut our faux coach has fashioned right here in the home of Elivs. We got this, kiddoes: Asst. Cheat Extraordinaire Larry Brown, the undisputed #1 recruiting class in America, and our resident genius, Anfernee Hardaway. There is no reason whatsoever to even play a regular season schedule. Just anoint Sir Li'l Penny right now and FedEx the Final Four NCAA Champions to Memphis ASAP. (Get it? FedEx the trophy?? To The FedEx Forum… where the Li'l P's Pussy Cats play??? I just made that up. Feel free to use it.)

  14. Memphis look like they got a team full of ball hogs

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