Kobe's Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!! - bestfungamesll.com

Kobe’s Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!!

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Kobe Bryant’s daughter, Gigi Bryant, has game!
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  1. Condolences to Vanessa Bryant and her family.

  2. Omg number 19 is getting on my nervesss😭😭😭

  3. If nobody else noticed, they were running the triangle offense by tex winter

  4. YOOOO!! WHAT A SHOT!! I didnt even know she was good at basketball!! 😀

  5. Even though these may be only highlights, you can tell these kids have skill

  6. The potential she had man…and for the WNBA.. rip Gianna and to all who lost their lives ❤️

  7. Almost put me in tears seeing this title again

  8. Gigi bryant could've made the WNBA more better

  9. Gigi woulda been the most beautiful player to step on a wnba court bro

  10. Man I remember just casually watching this back then like it was just another video of GiGI hooping , now you come back and realize her and Kobe gone 💔

  11. Rest In Peace to all the victims Jan. 26 accident. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gianna Bryant #Gigi # B-Day Twin May 1st

  12. I got like her and it black and it got gianna in the back and mamba

  13. I can only imagine how dangerous GiGi would've been if she was in the WNBA. She could've been the next Maya Moore or the next Seimone Agustus.

  14. R. I. P. 😔 girl ⚰️❤️😔🕊 and dad and mom🔫🔪⚰️⚰️❤️❤️😔😔😔

  15. I hope kobe s daughter will be a great woman basketball player no doubt

  16. one of a few female ballers i will NEVER slander r.i.p


  18. Kobe seeing his daughter juke someone:that's my daughter she was made with that 😂

  19. To think of the pilot listened to some warnings from the police choppers they would or could still be alive today… may you Rest In Peace Kobe and gigi Bryant you guys where stars and shouldn’t have died… I miss you guys and so do a lot of your fans I will say I wasn’t a fan I just know your work and I now watch you and it’s cool to see you had your daughter playing before her untimely death
    Rip have a great time on heaven

  20. never forget what great sportsmanship gianna showed

  21. Who’s the ref that was not a travel smh two steps she took

  22. This hurts my soul…GiGi🥺💔…the Black Mamba in coach form …i can’t even finish the video

  23. It's so painful to see the 3 girls who passed away, and Kobe and the coach next to him too, all gone. I hope their souls are resting with God 😪

  24. These girls are better than half the NBA 🤣😅

  25. Proud dad moments*NBA Proud Dad noises and satisfaction and moments

  26. Gigi Bryant good job playing with older girls

  27. Is it just me or is the difference between this game and the WNBA very minimal at a glance?

  28. Long live the goat I still just can't believe it. Also the little goat gigi.

  29. Man imagine being the other tram knowing ur about to verse Kobe Bryant’s daughter 😭

  30. Watching after a bunch of Kobe tributes. 😔

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