Kobe's Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!! - bestfungamesll.com

Kobe’s Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!!

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Kobe Bryant’s daughter, Gigi Bryant, has game!
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  1. How is that funny put my comment back up and i fired everyone everybody.

  2. d.e.c we ready kobe said it and gi gi from champions

  3. It's weird how basketball fans are praising Gigi but we all know that if she was around and made it to the WNBA y'all would be clowning her.

  4. There’s more people in the stands than an WNBA game

  5. Rip mom and kobe and gigi daddy you too missed you all I will see oneday all of us.

  6. Not only did the atobelli's ( Alyssa #5 ) lose there sister but lost both of there parents but the Chester's (Payton #14) lost his sister and parents aswell this is sad

  7. So sad to lose this lovely young woman. Kobe's passing was tragic, but at least he was a grown man who had an opportunity to live a full and rewarding life. The death of a youngster is one of the few things that can break your heart completely.

  8. I hope they both fly high in heaven 🙏

  9. The way the girls shoot I can agree with, when i was little i was tall and skinny and it was definitely a effort to make a 3 point shot, because of the distance. You really need strength and practice even if you learn to shoot correctly.

  10. Kobe always looked good for his age. I hope I can look as good as him when I get older.

  11. Gigi had a career ahead of her I thought I would see her in the WNBA

  12. So you where there when Gigi was still alive?

  13. None of you knew who she was until the accident, stop the bs. rofl

  14. they runned the triangle off better than the NY Knicks

  15. I love seeing young atheletes playing just for the love of the game. NOTICE… No chest beating, not posing after they make a great shot, no dancing. NBA player could learn something from these young women.

  16. Rip To Kobe! He’s A Legnd Rip To Kobe And Gigi 😭😭🪦🪦💔💔💜💛💜💛🤍🖤🤍🖤😭😭

  17. Go Gianna and kobe and kobe my big brother and Gianna my big sister.

  18. But she and he died 😕😔😢💔😪😞

  19. Like really. I miss them 😢😪😞😔

  20. What a beautiful time too see…this hurts still… Good looking on being a DAD🙏look at the off spring 🙅 God bless your soul Kobe..look at ya daughter 🕹️🙋💪💪

  21. I want to be just like gigi when I grow up. She put alot of effort into playing basketball and I want to do the same so .if you want to be good as gigi and me you have to work hard and play hard #playgigisway

  22. The assistant coach who also passed sittin right next to him… 🙏🏾🖤

  23. Smh still can’t believe god let this happen rip GiGi and her teammate all n this vid

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