Kimmel vs Cruz - Blobfish Basketball Classic -

Kimmel vs Cruz – Blobfish Basketball Classic

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Jimmy went to Houston to play a game of one-on-one basketball against Texas Senator Ted Cruz in what we called the “Blobfish Basketball Classic.” The reason this happened is because after Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, Jimmy showed a picture of Senator Cruz at the Houston Rockets game and he likened him to a blobfish. Cruz did not like that so he challenged Jimmy to a game of one-on-one for charity. It’s been a dream of Jimmy’s ever since he was a little boy to one day play basketball against the most disliked member of the U.S. Senate and that dream finally came true. So, here it is, Jimmy’s on-court interview with Ted Cruz. We have already raised more than $80,000 for Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One. If you would like to donate, please go to the links below. #BlobfishBasketballClassic #KimmelvsCruz

Texas Children’s Hospital

Generation One

Hey Leonardo DiCaprio – Call Tiffany Haddish!

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Kimmel vs Cruz – Blobfish Basketball Classic


  1. I like how they tried to make Ted Cruz bad at every opportunity but in the end he absolutely demolished Kimmy Jimmel or what's his face. That is because God is on our side. 🙂

  2. The fact that Jimmy gave himself MVP makes him looks like an absolute doorknob 😂

  3. Are we sure that isn’t Grayson Allen? He made Jimmy Kimmel look silly.

  4. Jimmy Kimmel literally came out like every villain in every sports movie ever. Then got destroyed like every villain in every sports movie ever. Just like the White Goodman from Dodgeball LMAO.

  5. Maybe the hack should have spent more time practicing basketball than practicing the lines his handlers gave him.

  6. The main contest here was on who acted more mature, with class and respect for opponent, audience and family. You judge!

  7. Participation trophy for Kimmel hahaha

  8. Jeez what an absolute prick. He'd spoken to my kid like that he'd be unconscious straight after. No proper man gets families involved

  9. Can kimmel get any more grotesque? Insulting Cruz to his daughters face? Wtf is wrong with this clown

  10. I heard Ted Cruz pees his pants because he likes the warm feeling between his legs. Don't know if it's true or not.

  11. “Did you spend time this week playing basketball or trying to get those kids out of those detention centers?”

    Ohh how that remark aged like milk considering Biden is doing the same thing 😂

  12. Kimmel got a participation trophy.

  13. I didn't know MVP meant My Participation People.

  14. I have a hard time believing that any mega rich liberal celebrity actually cares about what they preach, always comes off as disingenuous/pandering.

  15. Kimmel is all talk, disrespectful, and just a jerk. He needs a real job.

  16. Cruz schooled in bball and politics. He is one of the greatest debaters. Also, the truth on Obama care, i was going to have to pay an entire paycheck for Obamacare

  17. Cruz actually got skillz. Kimmel like his comedy, behind and a faker. What a loser.

  18. Respect for doing this. Usually libs are way too unhinged to do something like this.

  19. You'd think considering his history Jimmy would stay away from Basketball…

  20. Screw you Kimmel, you got owned! 🤣🤣

  21. He keeps bringing up the kids as if Obama didn’t build those cages… this guy lost his humor in 2015. Shame he gets paid millions to push a political agenda.

  22. Actions speak louder and jimmy proved how he really is this video

  23. How did Kimmel get mvp and lose…Kimmel insulted Cruzs kids…what an ahole

  24. How are they that sweaty and exhausted from a short game of one on one. You would think Kimmel would have a personal trainer

  25. I can see why Kimmel hates Cruz so much. He has a kid born with a pre-existing medical condition who, but for his father's wealth, would have been denied coverage pre-Obamacare. Cruz has worked tirelessly in favour of the rich and corporations.

  26. I already knew how smart and eloquent Ted Cruz is but it's impressive how good he was at standing so much pressure in such a calm and respectful way!

  27. I always loved jimmy mostly for the way he was with kids but jimmy kimmel you suck she’s a little girl every kid should be able to think there dad is super man bet Ted Cruz would not have said anything negative in the slightest to you children

  28. I can't believe this thing really happened. Why in the world Ted Cruz agree to this ?

  29. Ye but you guys don't get it , you still like Jimmy Kimmel even as a disgusting person he is so that says a lot about all of you guys , sorry

  30. Yeah bring on the Cali senators and ask them why everyone is leaving Cali for Texas. But Yeah he’s the bad senator. Kimmel is a Hollywood 🤡

  31. Jimmy Kimmel the sore loser, why did he get mvp? I guess he has to get mvp for something other then comedy in his life.

  32. Kimmel is a natural born loser… Ted… Ted does a lot of winning… no suprise the result

  33. Cruz!!!! Jimmy sucks and is not funny and definitely got butt hurt!

  34. Like another viewer, I also had also never even heard of this game until 3 years after. And yes it was strange. Jim Jim, as a fan of yours, I have to admit that it was similar to your meeting with Mike Lindell. Both times, eventhough I agree with your politics, you came out looking like a schmuck. We on the left have to do better than so many of the right wingnuts. It’s just bizarre that you keep pumping out political barbs in the middle of a basketball game. And I didnt even stay to watch you insult Ted in front of his daughter as many have commented here. Don’t wanna see that. Shape up buddy.

  35. Typical Kimmel. I’m not even a Ted Cruz fan, but attacking him on political issues while playing ball for charity was totally uncalled for. Nice that Cruz had class and didn’t attack him back.

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