Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Basketball Game Highlights 1 24 2023 -

Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Basketball Game Highlights 1 24 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Basketball Game Highlights 1 24 2023
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  1. @ 16:50 = "Livingston hasn't been great tonight"??? According to the highlights, the biggest run for the Cats was when Livingston was in. He is the best player on this team. And Livingston will be the ultimate difference maker come March.But he can't develop if he doesn't play more 6-mins a game. This was a good start, but L needs to be in there more.

  2. Enjoy Oscar while we have him. We're gonna miss him when he's gone.9:10, all smiles. Play hard, have the right spirit and attitude, and good things happen. Go BBN! GO!

  3. When nobody got me, I know Matthew Loves Ball got me

  4. The Cats have finally found their starting 5 but Wheeler will still be a critical part of the issue. Was great to finally see Kentucky looking like a superior team on the road versus an SEC team. Kansas is next and should be a big one.

  5. Cal has got the cats playing some basketball now won 4 straight let’s go cats keep up it big game saturday against kansas we can do this

  6. Matthew loves ball and we all love Matthew

  7. #23 for vandy is gonna be tough the more he plays, playing a big name team made him step up. But Go Big Blue

  8. I have mixed feelings about Sahvir playing 22 minutes. I just feel like it's not good. I really hope coach was just trying to give Wallace and Frederick some rest. I mean he played decent but he will do us in at critical moments in big games. I still say you can't play him more than 10 minutes a game on this team. Maybe less.

  9. Four UK guys in double figures, now we are starting to click! Go Cats! Play strong like this and you can also beat KU!

  10. so far @ 5:18 the game's tempo really suits both teams. it's got me thinking what could be if the Cats decided to intentionally push the pace like this more often.

  11. I don't think I've ever seen Jacob Toppin play with this much confidence

  12. Kentucky! "You get a 3, you get a three, you get a 3! I thought I was watching Oprah haha

  13. We got Kansas Saturday at home!!! Whew, this will be a tough one!!! Kansas will be seeking revenge!!! Plus, KU has lost their last 3 games. This is a HUGE game for us!!! Ky. has to get their tournament seeding up.

  14. why is their stans so far away from the court, it looks wierd

  15. Uk has to get a shot blocker in the games! Congratulations and go cats!!!

  16. I've read all comments. All pretty much right on! But to me as a hooper my whole life, been following this team for 50 years. To me biggest thing going into the Kansas game…… practice at Rupp arena!!!! Shoot at Rupp arena!!!! Is main thing! It's called being comfortable shooting the ball. Practicing at a diffrent gym, diffrent back grounds. Just never got that! Practice where u play at. I think Kentucky is ready, for this game!!!!!

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