Kentucky vs Mississippi State Basketball Game Highlights 2 15 2023 -

Kentucky vs Mississippi State Basketball Game Highlights 2 15 2023

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Kentucky vs Mississippi State Basketball Game Highlights 2 15 2023
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  1. They missed alot of calls for miss st…. this loss shouldn't hurt them much as competitive they played….

  2. Ref missed that travel call by KY #22… 5 steps and he staying in the paint. Should have been a 3 second call too….. Terrible blind refs…

  3. Refs are so poor. Sucks to lose a game because refs miss a clear call. So sad 😞

  4. How is that not a travel? That was terrible! And I watch mostly Pac-12 basketball! I know terrible

  5. Damn, these dudes went at each other. Nice win for the Cats! Just keep pushing

  6. As a Kentucky fan …. I was hoping Mississippi state would beat us lmaoo

  7. Kentucky very good three point shooting team and also made free throws. As did Mississippi State. Good basketball game.

  8. i dont know why we keep fouling them when are already in d bonus such a dangerous move by Cal just glad we got d W and didnt suffer for it

  9. As a life long UK fan born and raised in Lexington I love the win but jesus how do you blow that lead every game we just don’t have that killer mentality. Even in the win’s this year we look bad. They aren’t coming together and only God know why Tshiebwe isn’t playing good? They won’t be able to do anything even if they make it to the tourny which is a huge if unless they have a 2014 moment when it all clicks they have all the talent in the world Cal just needs to figure out what it is.

  10. Felt like a tournament game. Really love how Livingston is playing and getting better. He got blocked bad and 10 seconds later steals the ball. Didn’t hang his head. Also Thero is gonna be good. He is starting to make a big impact when he comes in.

  11. UK is gonna roll through the NIT with all this talent

  12. I think Jacob toppin is the X factor for the Cats. If he can get it going every game we might go places

  13. That’s a travel for those who are mentally stupid . Aka the refs

  14. Refs missed that traveling call….
    Sad 😥 😔 😟 🙁….
    Great game both teams 👏 👍 👌 🙌 💪….

  15. You should do Louisville vs virgina please

  16. As a UK fan I gotta say I think State was robbed when that travel wasn’t called late. Maybe the difference maker although I’m glad KY won.

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