Kentucky vs #6 Tennessee Basketball Game Highlights 1 14 2023 -

Kentucky vs #6 Tennessee Basketball Game Highlights 1 14 2023

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Kentucky vs #6 Tennessee Basketball Game Highlights 1 14 2023
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  1. the Effort they put in this game would have beat SC by 30. ..

  2. Ky didn't have to beat the refs in the first half,but they did a little in the second half.Ky couldn't beat the refs in the South Carolina game.

  3. Just shows you how much the refereeing affects the game.Somebody made a lot of money betting on Ky for the win today.

  4. All you Cal haters can go suck an egg. Go Cats!

  5. You could plainly see that the refs were trying to helpTenn there at the end with some of those calls.

  6. Such a uphill battle for Kentucky! Huge win. Hopefully we can now turn this thing around.

  7. Funny how wheeler don’t play and we win a huge game

  8. Refs let a lot of these teams get away with moving picks.

  9. Haha Tennessee cry Tennessee cry y’all always say y’all are the bast you know what you suck you lost at your hometown

  10. 50 seconds to go and Tenn fouled Wallace about 5 times and the ref calls 5 seconds…..

  11. The Vols are and will be a second class team.

  12. God i hate vescovie and flopshitz!! Graduate already!

  13. Pitiful Tennessee offense, should be very ashamed of themselves

  14. 15:21watch Plavsic shove Oscar to the floor and no call and no going to the monitor to review. But when Reeves drives to the basketball and poor wittle whiny baby Vescovi gets a boo boo, the refs call a flagrant 1 on Reeves. The refs tried so hard to help TN in this game it was sickening.

  15. Great job today guys!!! I will take back what I said about Cal earlier lol. However, this is just one game. Please guys don't let up on the gas now. Great W and BTW, I cannot stand TN basketball!!! BTW, you wrote an entire book on that comment. Haha

  16. I'll take my crow "hot" with a glass of Zinfandel.

  17. Man for Kentucky to finally put in a lineup that made sense, and had control of this game throughout even with the refs continuously calling BS fouls to keep Tennessee in it down the stretch. Great defensive game. And they actually made their free throws!!! 4 of KYs 6 losses have been because they couldn't hit free throws, the make them they would only have 3 losses. Great win for this team.

  18. I think the SC game was rock bottom for our Cats, now its up we go baby!! (little Dickie V there for kicks)!

  19. I hope we stay with this lineup! Great game Big Blue!

  20. Big one for Coach Cal, Cats. Plenty of season left to turn this thing around.

  21. ALL YOU CAL HATERS can leave…when you read DICKEY V's Tweet comment…let that soil your pants. BUT yes we need an update on a HALF COURT OFFENSE…but next year this will be null…WHY? because it will be back to Dribble Drive Offense. It is like KY fans right now are a bunch of women trying to learn Football. Obviously, most of you band waggoners are men and never played basketball past church or YMCA basketball and have the memory of a fruit fly…go watch Dickey V….It humbled me as well and well….some of us spoiled.

  22. Again, Vescovi acting like a little fucking child. Lmao

  23. All this talk bye so called UK fans wanting Cal to go to Texas is gonna cost us Ian Jackson which is ridiculous, great win for Cats , they are better without Sahvir in lineup been saying this since season started , great job Cal and Cats keep up solid play and effort, win or lose big blue always.

  24. Well, look at that = look what happens when Wheeler is not even in the game. I love the guy, but he should only come in to spell the PG and according to this game, not even for that.

  25. Thanks for these highlights! My Wildcat heart is encouraged to see a game like this.

  26. Did take you long to forget we lost to the worst sec team just a couple days ago

  27. I think if wheeler had been in this game cats would have won by 20

  28. I’m so freaking happy we won. Not just because we needed a win, but gosh I hate Tennessee so much. So annoying. Uros Plavsic and Santiago Vescovi may be the most annoying faces ever. Would’ve honestly been in favor this game of Lance Ware just walking up to Plavsic and decking him in the face.

  29. I lost my shit when they didn’t call a foul around 21:42. You’re telling there was no contact at all? I’m glad UK won, but the refs were dog shit all game.

  30. Great Victory,Let's Go Wildcats 😎👍👍🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀!!!,Yes.

  31. Really like the energy theiro brings in when he gets his shot. That is the type of player calipari has been missing on his teams

  32. The refs were terrible tonight for both teams, hope they get some more training before they ref another game

  33. Good win for the wildcats. That basket at the end by tennessee did count though. Just saying..

  34. Them boys run like wildcats

  35. If it was the nba Oscar would of had that and one
    Weakkk… Tenn refs are the worse ALWAYS LMAO

  36. Tennessee, you truly made an ass out of yourselves during this basketball game!!!!!!!! Tennessee should not be in the top 25 NCAA basketball teams!!!!! All I can do now is hope and pray the baseball team shows some pride for the Orange and White!!!!!

  37. Fuck Tennessee even when they think they’re good Kentucky still owns their dumb asses 😂😂😂 this is the year though *every year according to Tennessee fans

  38. Complete luck .if UT had made layups they would have easily won

  39. I'm a die hard muss buss on spinner rims, my razorbacks are deploding, I really think Tennessee and Alabama are the two best teams in the country, that a fact

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