Kenny & the GameTime Crew reacts to Warriors vs Celtics Game 3 Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals -

Kenny & the GameTime Crew reacts to Warriors vs Celtics Game 3 Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals

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Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics – Full Game 3 Highlights | June 8, 2022 | 2022 NBA Finals

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  1. It's not that easy to do floaters in the paint when you got the time Lord in there

  2. Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys one of the greatest defensive teams ever

  3. Kerr is an overrated coach as he was an overrated player. Only reason anybody knows who he is is because he played beside Jordan. If he were to coach anywhere else he’d be exposed real quick. Mark Jackson set the foundation at Golden State

  4. Hordford called for a Flagrant on Curry at 1:56 is the main reason why NFL reigns supreme in sports! Examine the ratings in the last 10 years. NBA is below both NFL and NCAA Football. The NBA is soft, feminine, woketivist, and weak right now!

  5. Celtics looked like a better team and looked like they were hungrier.

  6. The thing with the warriors is they will live & die with the small ball line up which was cause them to lose in situation like this if they other teams doesn’t fall for the “ oh let’s play small if they playing small “ logic that’s one Boston doing sticking to their line up & GS is paying for it bt I still think the warriors can win 3 straight!

  7. I think what I find interesting about this series is how small ball both teams are. Neither team has a close to 7fter yet they both fought elite giants to get here

  8. Let the Inside the NBA crew cover the FINALS you cowards!

  9. the refs were trying so hard and Celtics still won.

  10. Kenny i have one of my brothers teammates what you do like this week Charles Kenny Jaymes we agree how your feeling i just jousting and Average Boston they told me out they town i get i get i get i get ok i don’t care about Boston fans i not huge fans no i not
    Means now you Boston this city

  11. Celtics in 6..could be 5 if they're consistent and limit turnovers.

  12. Prediction: After his triple single, Draymond will try to injure Tatum or Brown next game.

  13. I can see Grant Williams having a bball analyst career after he is done. Very intelligent guy.

  14. The Warriors are weak have no chance of winning any game in Boston!

  15. The finals are on ABC . They want the ratings. That’s why u won’t see the TNT crew covering them ever.

  16. What the hell is Isaiah Thomas talking about ?! ?

  17. Cs need to keep punishing Curry on D for the rest of the series.

  18. Steph is a defensive liability, and hes the most unclutch player in the league. Final 24 sec of Playoff / Finals games, go ahead FGA’s:
    Lebron James … 9-21, 43%
    Kobe Bryant … 4-15, 27%
    Kevin Durant … 4-13, 31%
    Manu Ginobli … 4-12, 33%
    Paul Pierce … 4-12, 33%
    Chauncey Billups 3-9, 33%
    Tim Duncan … 2-9, 22%
    James Harden … 1-9, 11%
    Steph Curry … 0-9, 0%

  19. People be predicting this series like “warriors in 4” then , “warriors in 5” now, “warriors in 6”. Waiting for the Warriors in 8 post. Good physical series so far. Go C’s. Keep rocking TD this Friday

  20. Curry does not have the best floater in the game.. not even close.. Tony Parker by a mile.. even harden and trae

  21. Lol who else saw Christopher London in the background?

  22. Get’em Boston💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  23. Isiah Thomas is so smooth and diplomatic. He knew like I had stated before the game,that Celtics are going to exploit the fact that Draymond will be the target the rest of this series. Because honestly, GSW is four players against the Celtics five defenders on offense. Simply because Draymond is not a triple threat. He can get away with that when he's rebounding and wrecking defensive havoc. But if that's not happening he basically should not be a starter. This series is over. And Steve Kerr is crazy for not playing his bench more and finding a way to get Jordan Poole off. Jordan Poole should always be giving opportunities to have a 30pt game. When Wiggins and Jordan Poole are being used properly GSW are a nightmare. Give Celtics credit. They shut down the GSW intangibles on offense. Celtics are tireless and more hungry not only more driven,but Steve Kerr is clearly being out coached. Personally, I don't see GSW winning another game. The jigg is up. There stay smooth Zeke. I got you.

  24. Celtics 47 rebounds, Warriors 31 rebounds. This seasons playoffs have been absolutely amazing!

  25. Dude said" whenever you see this man walking away from his shot it's definitely going in"… Steph flopped in game 3 bruh wtf you talking bout 😂

  26. I knew Warriors were a one dimensional team and they just proved again last night. For those idiots that think thug Green should be in the hall of fame, you should be ashamed of yourselves for associating such honored group with a joke of a player that Green truly is. He is nothing more than a big mouth and an instigator.

  27. Celtics in 6. I called it from the beginning and called a radio show called JT Brick and he laughed at me. Well JT, the laugh is on your buddy. That shows how little you know about basketball and its players.

  28. Almost everyone was and is still on Warriors band wagon but the Warriors are a hoax at best. The championships they won were a joke due to circumstances. Green is a thug and nothing more than a joke of a player. Steph is a liability on Defense and can NBA do something about Steph with his his ugly mouth piece hanging out of his mouth all the time? If they are so strict about other things like tucking in your shirt and this and that, why can they not put a rule out that no one can be playing with the mouthpiece showing all the time. I hate watching Steph with his stupid mouth piece hanging out all the time.

  29. I can't stand Isaiah Thomas, the way he talks, his demeanor, the lame questions he asks, everything

  30. Simply put, Celtics are a better team than the overrated and over hyped Warriors.

  31. This game showed me what Boston Celtics could do with right adjustments and following the game plan.

  32. Jordan Poole, needs to give up the basketball more and pass more. There are times when Steph Curry passes and will cut to the basket and or run until he is open. Poole has to pass and cut to the basket or run until he is open.

  33. Wow! What an amazing interview, I could listen to Kenny and Isaiah all night! Grant Williams did yourself proud, very well spoken. THE most enjoyable interview I have seen! Bravo!

  34. 4:13 why isaiah looked at her like that lmaoo that boy bout to risk it all

  35. Grant would make a wonderful commentator in his 2nd act. Very articulate.

  36. Harrison Barnes is a way better SF than wiggins

  37. Memo to Draymond Green…Shut up and Step up, or…Pack up!

  38. maaaan the TNT crew should cover the finals wtf, be much better tv

  39. Yje warriors have aged and are older. they are still skillful shooters but they have aged and have become defendable unlike the warriors of 2015-2019. Boston are young and athletic. I think it is time for the warriors owners to vary this team and expirement with a new roster. Trade Draymond Wiggins and Wiseman perhaps with Lebron james, and LBj can fill up the role of Green in their small ball line up. Draymond is way past his used by date, He just cant keep up with the new generation of young and athletic dudes in the NBA nowadays. Also, he cant shoot, and he is slow. In game 3 , DeAndre Jordan and Javalee Mcee would have scored triple of what he made, and would have 10 time as much rebounds as what he did. Green played 35 minutes, and LAY A BIG FLAT EGG with 4 rebounds, 3 Assts and f*&^%n TWO(2) YES PEOPLE TWO(2) points in 35 minutes. His nba career is done, TRADE HIM and get somebidy like Rudy Gobert Lebron James who can be 10 time sproductive in 35 minutes.

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