Kenny & the GameTime Crew reacts to Warriors vs Celtics Game 3 Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals -

Kenny & the GameTime Crew reacts to Warriors vs Celtics Game 3 Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals

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Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics – Full Game 3 Highlights | June 8, 2022 | 2022 NBA Finals

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  1. Yje warriors have aged and are older. they are still skillful shooters but they have aged and have become defendable unlike the warriors of 2015-2019. Boston are young and athletic. I think it is time for the warriors owners to vary this team and expirement with a new roster. Trade Draymond Wiggins and Wiseman perhaps with Lebron james, and LBj can fill up the role of Green in their small ball line up. Draymond is way past his used by date, He just cant keep up with the new generation of young and athletic dudes in the NBA nowadays. Also, he cant shoot, and he is slow. In game 3 , DeAndre Jordan and Javalee Mcee would have scored triple of what he made, and would have 10 time as much rebounds as what he did. Green played 35 minutes, and LAY A BIG FLAT EGG with 4 rebounds, 3 Assts and f*&^%n TWO(2) YES PEOPLE TWO(2) points in 35 minutes. His nba career is done, TRADE HIM and get somebidy like Rudy Gobert Lebron James who can be 10 time sproductive in 35 minutes.

  2. This series tells that Warriors must get rid of Green Wiggins and Wiseman this season, and Get Lebron James. A trio of Curry Klay and Lebron will be awesome !!! Celtics will win this series in 5 games. The Warriors are done unless they get rid of Green Wiggins and Wiseman. They need to tweak the rsoter this summer, to get them behind the line . Curry and Klay have aged and are older, theyve become predicatble and defendable. The young dudes are taking over the NBA . Ja Morant will be the new KING !!!!

  3. I told people the Celtics weren't not trash. People just laughed at me saying gs in 4 or 5. I knew this crap was going 6 or 7. Probably 7

  4. If Jalen Brown keeps this up he just might end winning FMVP

  5. What about the inconsistency Refs. Tell the truth. Celtics are Refs paid off. They called the game same way against Brooklyn.

  6. We've seen Shaq, and now Kenny. Chuck is like nah i'm on vacation lmao.

  7. oh oh! Game over! Celtics knows what to do!

  8. Steph thats not how u dive for a ball. Do not bend to pick up the ball, that's whyvits called diving.

  9. curry cannot guard Tatum, its a big mismatch. Warriors young stars choked. they choke period. Celtics to be champion, this is the only celtics team without real acknowledge superstar.

  10. The suns lost to Millwakie last year because of size and toughness, same here

  11. The only way to tolerate these MORONS is with the audio MUTED.
    Still badmouthing GS as "LOSING" the games, instead of recognizing how well the Celtics are playing.
    Rob Williams batting shots away into the 10th row is NOT GS collapsing.

  12. curry threw his ass to AL I just dont get these players selling calls lol


  14. GS Warriors ppg during playoffs 113.7
    Vs Boston 105
    Game 1. 120-108
    Game 2.  88-107
    Game 3. 116-100
    Idk, The way its looking, as long as Boston can keep Golden State below their average of 113.7 PPG Boston will win. Even when they got blown out GS was still held to only 108pts.

  15. I think Steph Curry sucks. he's not that good, and can only shoot threes.

  16. We know the nba is a setup ..7 games makes billions 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤑🤑

  17. It look like Golden State needs to trade Andrew Wiggins for Jimmy Butler

  18. Grant Williams should be a broadcaster after he retires from the NBA—he is very articulate and informative.

  19. Thankyou for showing us this sending prayers to you and your family and everyone God bless you and your family and everyone.

  20. Warriors lost by 16 on the road didn’t Celtics lost by dammm near 30 on the road and what they said…….::: crickets like these narratives

  21. Steve Kerr is getting destroyed these finals. He needs to get it together with his player rotation and defensive scheme.

  22. 2 pts for Draymond. Ridiculous. Probably was up all night working on his weak podcast show, checkin for responses. Celts in 6, and Im a Sixers fan. I hate the Celts, but hate GSW even more.

  23. Isaiah knows basketball. Defense indeed wins championships. As a Celtic fan his team I knew was going to win championships. His Pistons where a menace. You don't see scores as low as they use to put up and still win.

  24. The Warriors don’t have enough players scoring

  25. Warriors looked really small and bullied in the paint

  26. Gonna be honest, the change from game two, to me, was the heavy insistence of passing for the best shot possible for Boston.

  27. Isaiah said he still gets booed 35 years later 😂😂😂😂

  28. Am.. I… is… lol.. The Only One. Isiah…. .. I Confusing?????

  29. I'm a Celtics fan, but I am tempted to gamble on GSW. I know the refs will hyperventilate on their whistles against Boston to get a 7 game series. They won't let GSW go down 1-3.

  30. It would be so cool if Stephs career was over.

  31. A "ranDu"m thought🤔…I'm just assuming Pop is grinning at his coaching tree having major success after they leave the Spurs, title or not, they produce pretty good….🤨opinions?

  32. I am so mad at Wiggins and Greene! Those two alone cost the Warriors game three! OMG! Can you guys stop passing the ball to those two! They obviously don't know what to do with it! Those two get a hard boo boo hiss hiss!

  33. Bring in the TNT crew. This group is lacking.

  34. You can never be mentioned with Jordan or ANY great if you are this type of an defensive liability. I hope they are grateful they had KD. Otherwise they be stuck with that 1 asterisks ring when Cle was injured. Bwhahaha! Steph need to go back to getting benched for defensive reasons. When players are searching for you to score on you, come on man. You can NEVER be a Great. You can be very nice though, I give you that. Greats NOT having that bs. Imagine Kobe or Mj reaction after they see that a guy calling to post them up to pick on them as if they are sweet to score on. Ctfu!! They would be asking for a battle they can NEVER end. Steph just not the same. He cool though. His defense is trash…balances out his game play. Plus the man takes the Worst shots, good grief. How is he allowed to just put any empty 3 up like that? Maybe the same way Dray can do and say anything to the refs. Imagine Cousins talking to the refs the way Dray does. Warriors allowed to do anything.

  35. Jaylen Brown got the mamba mentality, if he misses shots he doesn’t get discouraged. Brown moves on to the next play and keeps shooting. Tatum will miss shots and lose confidence. He does contribute with assists but Tatum also has the most turnovers in the playoffs. Brown is consistent and more of a team leader, he sets the tone for everybody on offense and defense. IMO Tatum < Brown

  36. how is that a flagrant foul on horford? sick of these stupid rules that muck up the nba….the leg kick out, the permissable 2-3 step back after you already took two shuffle steps, etc

  37. I don’t watch Inside the NBA because of basketball… I watch it so I can watch two old guys yell at each other.

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