Kendrick Perkins' son Kenxton dominates his 2nd-grade basketball game | Highly Questionable -

Kendrick Perkins’ son Kenxton dominates his 2nd-grade basketball game | Highly Questionable

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On Highly Questionable, Bomani Jones, Domonique Foxworth and Dan Le Batard break down Kendrick Perkins’ son, Kenxton, dominating his second-grade basketball game. They also question if nine-year-old basketball player Rudy Lopez’s shooting is sustainable after he makes five straight 3-pointers to start his game.

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  1. This is why the either the point system has to change to include 5 pointers at the half. Or the court has to get longer.

  2. He go b a problem yah laffin k perk kid

  3. Lilperk isn't a 2nd grader man lol 😂

  4. Lil perk getting too many teddy grahams and lunchables in his lunchbox, he walked back doin the care bear stare.

  5. Hit more 3s than his dad did in his whole carrer

  6. He better than his dad already still don't know how he made it to the NBA big facts!!!!

  7. Yeah but can he get those shots up against NBA defense tho.. says every nonbeliever ever

  8. D fox is good here why is he so unbearable in that other show?

  9. 🗣️So y'all gonna forget the fact he's 9……in the 2nd grade…..🙇

    What the heck is wrong

  10. Lil Perk 10 in Da 2nd grade Debo them little kids LMAO

  11. Lil Perk the type of kid to take the bullies lunch money.

  12. The first kid is 9 yo. KP kid is the 2nd kid, who told y'all he was nine in the 2nd grade

  13. Dude on the left looks like uravgconsumer who lost all his tech

  14. Kids got handles lol what an little beast

  15. He let him kno the truth. It’s called AAU!!!

  16. The nba is gna out rule shooting in the paint & mid range shots in the 2030, watch it’s just 3point shots only!

  17. Kids gonna enter the NBA with 3 fouls already

  18. Dam oil Rudy we 👀 you👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👌🏿🤘🏿

  19. Perk was pretty dominant in Texas when he was in high school… there’s a reason he was drafted straight out of high school …. ya know the same draft Bron was drafted out of high school.

    His offensive game didn’t translate to the nba , and he just became locker room and enforcer guy… in high school he was dropping 40 on people head though.

  20. Naming your kid Kenxton should be considered child abuse

  21. I couldn't figure out which one was Kendrick's kid. 😂

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