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KD & Emma Stone Witnessed The Best Basketball Atmosphere Ever

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With Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant & Hollywood star Emma Stone in attendance, Olympiacos Piraeus, backed by a roaring crowd, took down AS Monaco. The hosts became the fourth and last team to book a trip to the EuroLeague Final Four in Belgrade.

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  1. I was in Lithuania watching this game in a bar with a couple of friends. Was amazing game for Oly

  2. Nothing compared to the greeks they are the goats

  3. This is the best atmosphere???? Are you fucking kidding me???

  4. Τhe best what???Ahahahahahhahaaha….Panathinaikos – Barcelona OAKA Stadium 2011 😉

  5. I love how the game wasn't even finished but the fans lit up their flares so quickly😂 no pyro no party huh lol

  6. did you notice their score? under 100 from both team?

  7. KD has to play in europe after hes done with the nba… Shit would be epic

  8. Reminds me of Hitler rallies. White people chanting in unison raising their arms….

    Also, you get $100 for every women you spot in that crowd (Except Emma)…

  9. Αυτη την οικογενεια αφησες κωστα σλουκα για να πας στους απεναντι και να ξεφτιλιζεσαι διπλα στο πρεζακι

  10. Durant looking at this thinking I would score 50 on these bums.

  11. ολυμπιακαρα ρε μονο εμεις οταν θελουμε!!!!

  12. The "Peace & Friendship Stadium"… Such a bloodless, lifeless, corporate bullshit name.
    Anyone who's ever been to a basketball game in Europe knows how absolutely pathetic a misnomer that is.
    The Blood, Guts and Glory Stadium is more like it.

  13. KD : what the F… K!!!!! 😮- Greek fan next seat.. : hey KD, hold my beer. 😅😅😂😂

  14. Try to see the Soccer/Football games ….


  16. I have saying this for years now, We should have an international tournament every year for basketball like the champions league. It would be so great for the sport of basketball and fans around the world. And frankly speaking if some players in the NBA players can play in arena’s like this, playing in Philly will be a cake walk.

  17. Is it Olympic Gold Metalist or Medalist?

  18. KD barely can hold tears, of knowing that nba cant get such atmosphere with all the bs that is going on there lately, so gotta visit so much hated in us euro league

  19. attending this madness is a dream for me😅

  20. After one year I saw tsalikis was celebrating😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣✌✌✌✌

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