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Kansas State vs #6 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 1 3 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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Kansas State vs #6 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 1 3 2023
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  1. BIG12 is gonna be an absolute gauntlet this year.

  2. KU fan – KSU graduate. I root for both. I LOVE those lavender uniforms!!! BIG 12 gonna be fun this year!

  3. damn, lookin like an NBA game. No defense. I thought Texas supposed to be "elite" defense

  4. K-State + 10, and wins the game straight up lol

  5. Nice, the Kansas State Thunder vs the Texas Spurs. Giannis Nowell had a big game 😂. Btw, congrats Matthew on 130K subs! Excellent
    Jesus loves you and saves (John 3:16).

  6. Awesome highlights. Props to you for getting the entire game condensed so beautifully. How about them Cats? Silly 93% FTs. EMAW

  7. After this game I’m convinced K-State is at least top 15. What a great performance from the Wildcats!

  8. texas got too cocky on this one..fans all loud still ran out their own gym😂

  9. Great Game, really am grateful to be able to see Basketball from all across the country. Thank you for the effort .

  10. Damn, Texas overrated as all get out. What a beat down

  11. K-State might set a record for how far any team has moved up in the rankings from one week to the next. How was K-State not ranked with only 1 loss on the year so far?

  12. Thanks for the full game highlights upload! Go cats

  13. Kstate now should be ranked

  14. My Texas Longhorns are still a National championship contender this year

  15. Top 20 for sure for k-state, they deserve it. 👏

  16. One of the most impressive performances I’ve seen in college basketball

  17. Thank you for posting! I (like 99% of the world) don't have the LHN)

  18. Time to bring back Chris Beard before the season goes down the drain.

  19. I’ve been trying to tell everybody! Kstate is not to be messed with

  20. Jerome Tang is already the nations best coach…

  21. Imagine your team scoring 103 points in regulation, in a home game…. and losing. Wow.

  22. These Texas coaches have and assembled a good team but they do not know how to use their bench. They are waiting a all American talent on the bench.

  23. Artario Morris This is an example of great talent at the wrong school.

  24. The Horns left too many points on the floor and played their Worst Defense of the season!

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